A one-bedroom Airbnb facility that is home away from home for guests

The Mitch House is a simple one-bedroom apartment, with an office space, dining, coffee area and a beautiful view. PHOTOs/Edgar R. Batte.

What you need to know:

Through her experience of travelling to different places, she discovered how a comfortable accommodation goes a long way in positively elevating a traveller’s mood

Two nicely polished car tyres distinctively stand out against the cream floor tiles. Atop each of the black shiny seats, are cushions. Next to them, is a clean fluffy grey rug on which sits a coffee brown and white centre table. Next to it, is a brown hand-woven basket used as storage for books and other reading material. Further on, in the corner is a one-seater reading table most likely for the little one in the house. There is black rug for one to relax their feet.

The wall is hang with an illustration of the globe and framed photographs. Potted plants bring nature to this modern décor.  This is Mitch Barbara Mucheusil’s living room. Mucheusil who describes herself as a décor enthusiast is the proprietor of The Mitch House one of the Airbnb in Kampala.

This home-sharing has created another opportunity in the real estate and housing markets. Founded in 2008, the digital platform utilises technology to enable travellers feel at home anywhere. One of the ways they accomplish this is through décor which is homey and inviting just like The Mitch House.

 Mucheusil, who is a travel consultant was inspired to open up the Airbnb in order to give travellers a quality place to stay, on a short- or long-term basis. 

The Mitch House is a simple one-bedroom apartment, with an office space, dining, coffee area and a beautiful view of the city and lake. She picked up the Airbnb idea from an interesting discussion with a stranger called Claudia she met while on a trip.

“Our discussion somehow ventured to how there is a variety of options nowadays for accommodation to fit your liking especially through an app called Airbnb. Of course, I did more research about the Airbnb app and one year down the line, l decided to join,” the interior designer explains.

Through her experience of travelling to different places, she discovered how a comfortable accommodation goes a long way in positively elevating a traveller’s mood. That inspired her to create her own bubble and a cosy space that would make her feel good whenever she returned home after a long day’s work or even weekend away.  Mucheusil says she sourced all her décor locally which is her way of giving back to the communities she visits.

The décor enthusiast says it is the small items that make her spaces and those she does design work for, stand out. She tips those who live in equally small spaces to invest in affordable good storage compartments as a way of decongesting their houses to create more space.

“Plus, emphasis on being neat and organised is key. A two bedroom for me is such a huge space. I would simply advise you to make it minimalistic with few things,” she advises. Her favourite living space is the coffee station, because of her love for coffee.

However, she spends more time in the corner area that she uses as her office and reading nook.  To relax, Mucheusil sits on her balcony where she enjoys her evening tea or takes in the beautiful view of the city and the lake stretching out.

The Mitch House proprietor Mitch Barbara Mucheusil.

Given her love for unique things, Mucheusil prefers to come up with original ideas. “Most of the time if it is like furniture, I draw my own sketches that I give to the local to the carpenters to make custom made furniture for me,” she further explains.

Tips for decorating an Airbnb

Since you are designing for travellers as well as yourself, you need to strike a balance in your interior design; it should not be very intimate neither should it be impersonal.

Remove personal items from public areas in the property, and store them in your private room instead.

Show off the best of what your location has to offer. What are people visiting and eager to see in the city/town?

What is so unique about the location? Reflect on the city’s culture and capture its essence through the space’s architecture and furniture.

Use local, authentic material produced in the city for furniture and decorative elements.

Highlight the buildings’ unique architectural details through decor, paint, or wallpaper.

Open up kitchens and dining rooms for unconstrained circulation.

Create more wall space by moving doors towards the end of the walls instead of situating them in the middle of the room.

Vertical details can distract you from a room’s small area. Install vertical elements such as free-standing mirrors, tall light fixtures) to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Install headboards with storage space and shelving to optimise wall usage.

Having an outdoor space is an added value that should not be disregarded.


Separating a space with glass doors will practically divide the area into two functional rooms while maintaining the optical illusion of one large space.

Use smaller sized kitchen appliances (mini fridge, mini stove) for space optimization. People are on vacation so they will not be spending all their time cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

Similar to hotels, the bedroom is the most important room of the property. Make sure every room is spacious enough to fit a bed, sufficient storage space, and allow for proper circulation around the room (bonus points if each room has its private bathroom).

Opt for lighter interior colors to give the space a more illuminated mood.

SOURCE: archdaily.com