Benefits of metal staircases, rails

Metal staircases  are one of the best choice for your property.  PHOTO/SHABIBAH NAKIRIGYA.

What you need to know:

There are three common types of stairs and these include concrete, metallic and wooden stairs. These are placed according to the style, location and the structure where you want them to be.

Steel staircases are those where the main structural frame of the staircase is made from steel.  The actual stairs can also be made from steel as can the handrails and rails, but you also have the option of using complementary materials with the steel stair frame such as timber or even toughened glass.   

There are three common types of stairs and these include concrete, metallic and wooden stairs. These are placed according to the style, location and the structure where you want them to be.

Stairs are one of the structures which adds beauty on your  building be it indoor or outdoor and for the storage building its must but it depends on the location.

Mr Kyeyune Amos am engineer says that if you’re in need of a new staircase for your home or business you must have a good choice and the reason why you’re going for that particular type.

“Metal staircases and rails are one of the best choice because they can take you to places you never thought you could go compared to other types of stairs one can opt to use,” he says. He explains benefits of having metal stairs and rails:

Reduced costs with simplified installation

Mr Kyeyune says that metal stairs and rails reduce costs from the start up to installation because metal and steel are highly flexible and this means that they can be constructed to almost any specification.

“Once constructed, installation is usually a piece of cake and when this happens it leads to reduced costs. Installing metal stairs can takes hours but for other stairs they can take days especially for concrete and it’s a long process for installing,” he says

Mr Kyeyune says , metal stairs are good for  those with limited budget  because they are easy to install and to fix, you can have metal stairs according to your budget which is not the case with other types like  concrete which needs  a lot of  materials to have them in place like  ,cement ,iron bars, timber , sand and others.

“Metal staircases are much easier to install than their completely wooden counterparts. With reduced construction costs, you will experience savings when building a metal staircase while adding value to your home or business in the long run,” he says

No more staining and varnishing

Mr Kyeyune says that metal stairs are your definite friend because they do not need regular varnishing and they cannot get stains so easily because of the steel. You can use your metal stairs for some time without applying a layer of vanish which is not the case with other types.

“Metal stairs  do not need  staining, varnishing or sealing and in addition are resistant to changes in temperature,  they cannot  bend or twist and as  a result they are just  be at home both indoors or out without any damage,” he says .

Making unique designs

According to Mr Kyeyune says that metal stairs can give one chances to have several designs he or she wants because they are easy to amend, metal staircases or rails really do look the part they can fit in any place you want to fix them depending on the design you want.

“Metal stairs and rails can be simple ‘straight up and down’ designs or an richly curving, lavish object that befits a large house or premises. They can be mixed and matched with glass or even timber to create that real good factor,’ he says

Mr kyeyune adds that if you want to get a constructed wrap around on a large portion of your home metal stairs can do it better,  Whether you want soft and elegant or industrial and hard-edged, metal should always be your material of choice.

“Using a steel staircase means that you can create designs that are just not possible with other materials.  In fact, steel is often preferred by architects and designers just because of its sheer flexibility.  You can use steel to create gently curving staircases through to lavish spiral staircases, ” he advises.

Interestingly you can have industrial steel stairs with clear glass landings at every level.  Combine the structural integrity of steel with the beauty of timber to create a modern staircase that is still soft and elegant. Steel staircases can of course be custom made to your exact size and design requirements.

High levels of resilience

Mr Kyeyune says that metal stairs are strong, durable and built to last because they are not vulnerable to drastic changes in the environment and unlike wood, they will not succumb to the feared termite.

“In addition metal stairs are capable of holding weights far in excess of wooden stairs and this gives more scope to create unusual shapes and designs. Normally wooden and concrete stairs cannot exceed the recommended weight   but for metals can exceed the weight without getting damaged,” he says

Mr Kyeyune says that cannot just break or develop cracks as other stairs instead of breaking they just bend unless there is rusting you have not notice before , rusting normally happen when  they vanishing  you used  was not genuine or if  there is leakage somewhere which makes the stairs wet.