Expert guide on incorporating peach fuzz into your décor

Accessories such as peach flowers or abstract wall art with details of peach will a dash of the relaxing colour without overwhelming the space. PHOTOs/Esther

What you need to know:

Peach is a warm and soothing hue, often associated with feelings of warmth and friendliness. It can add a soft and inviting touch to various settings

The Pantone Colour Institute has declares peach fuzz the colour of year 2024.  According to experts at the institute, peach fuzz is a colour between pink and orange.  This soft, pinkish-orange hue will dominate high-fashion runways, interior design trends, pop culture moments and human psychology in the art and design industry.

While it may look great on the runway, interior designers against the flagrant use of the colour in interior décor as the potential for colour clashing is enormous.  They advise that the colour be used sparingly in items such as accents and accessories. Décor experts suggest how you can incorporate peach fuzz into your living space.


The mood-lifting hue can add feel-good vibes to any room in your home. It also offers a statement look on your wall accents. This, according to John Lincoln Murangira, an interior designer at ILMOD Magic Limited is one of the most effective ways to use the colour peach in a home.

He says, “Use peach colour as paint on a feature wall in your living room or bedroom. A peach coloured accent wall creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. This also adds a pop of colour without overwhelming the space.”

Murangira notes that it is important to balance the peach accents with other complementary colours and textures.

He tips, “Peach matched with white accents or light beige furnishings can create a balanced and harmonious look.”

The walls in your bathroom are a good place to wash in muted peach paint. The colour peach can pop out best if you hang mirrors or metals onto the wall surfaces of your bathroom. Remember, the goal is to create an emphasis on that accent wall painted in peach.


When you add peach fuzz to your pillows, curtains, rags among other textures, you get to allow in the nurturing and relaxing vibes into your home. The colour peach when included into your natural textures allows your guests to enjoy an atmosphere of comfort.  Murangira says incorporating peach in textures such as curtains, throw pillows or an area rug can elevate the overall aesthetic of the room.

  “Paintings, sculptures or decorative vases in shades of peach can also be a magical way to apply the palette,” he adds.

However, Immaculate Nantongo, an interior designer at Fabulous Beautiful Homes, urges homeowners to start small while decorating with peach. She suggests starting with small items in peach that can be easily replaced in case the colour fails to blend in with the rest of the décor. 

Nantogo suggests using peach in intimate spaces such as the bedroom because of its softness and sensuality.

“For your bedroom you can incorporate peach in a duvet, an accent chair or small bedside chair,” she suggests.

Light up

There is no better way to light up your space using peach fuzz than a themed lighting system.  With a white or light colored table top, you can play around with a table cloth, napkins, table mats, runners or coasters in peach to create a statement look at your dining points.

Nantongo says to bring peach into the kitchen, consider adding artificial flowers, decorative bowls and cups in peach which can be displayed in open shelves.

 During meal times light apricot candles, centerpieces, and fruits such as oranges to tie the peach-centric table together. This offers a vibrant and heartfelt atmosphere as the hue itself.

A cozy chandelier projected above the dining point, peach themed bulb placed in the bedroom would add warmth to the space. A peach themed light is easy to change and adjustable according to your budget while giving off bright and positive energy in the home.

Peach fuzz can as well be used outdoor just as much as indoor.  To allow this soothing hue to thrive outdoors, you can hang apricot, orange or peach woven lights at your balcony space to spark a peachy glow. You can also arrange a handful of peach flowers in a pot and lay them on a raised wooden table, to create a playful and vibrant outdoor ambience.

Gideon Sekiwano, (above) an interior designer at TimTen Interior and Landscape Design Company Limited, says peach will infuse the décor industry with a delightful energy.

 “Peach is a flamboyant colour that sends off positive energy in space. It is versatile hence can be used in different spaces including commercial and residential due to its psychological benefits. It also identifies with a number of interior design styles such as the bohemian, Moroccan and midcentury, which makes it easy to work with,” he notes.

Peach in real estate

Julius Makanga, the Digital marketing officer at Mr Property notes that the colour exudes warmth and sophistication, making it an ideal hue for homes.

 “This versatile shade inspires a modern and inviting atmosphere. By strategically using peach you will add a touch of vibrancy and contemporary charm to your property,” he advises.

Georgina Mwebaza, an interior designer at Spicing Homes says she has always loved peach and was elated when it was named the colour of the year. With its origin in nature, peach colour is comforting. It also gives a sense of joy. 

“Decor accessories such as a peach vase, peach flowers or abstract wall art with details of peach will also a dash of the relaxing colour without overwhelming the space,” she says.