How do you want your coffee at home?

Wednesday June 09 2021

You can determine the strength of your brew with your own coffee maker. PHOTO/Rachel Mabala.

By Promise Twinamukye

Buying a coffee maker is an investment some may hesitate to make but for a coffee person, leaving the house without a cup could set the wrong tone for the day. After much thought on his expenditure on coffee, Nathan, a photographer, decided to get himself a coffee maker.

Being a coffee enthusiast, he thought having the gadget in his house would cut down the frequency of his visits to the café to buy it. “It is cheaper to make your own than buy it every day at the shop,” he observes.

To get a good coffee maker that would make him rich-tasting coffee and also save time for him, especially when he is in a hurry, Nathan chose a French press. With the press, he only needs ground coffee and hot water to make a cup of coffee.

“It takes at least five minutes and I have my coffee,” he said.

Though some may prefer the convenience of popping by a coffee shop any time they need a cup, Nathan differs. To him, the appreciation is greater and one has more control over the strength and flavour of one’s brew.

Not all coffee makers cost an arm and leg. However, the price will depend on where you buy one and how sophisticated it is.


Here are a few things to keep in mind to get just the right coffee maker for your home.

Type of coffee

According to Davidson Bagambagye, director of 2fumbe Ltd, before buying a coffee maker, one needs to be sure of the kind of coffee they like.  It is safe to also check the gadget’s settings and if they are compatible with the domestic requirements amd materials specific to where you live, for instance, there is a coffee maker which only uses coffee capsules. The capsules, he says, are rare on the market and should be ordered beforehand. A capsule machine may also not help much if one wants to get creative with one’s coffee. It may not be the default for an everyday coffee enthusiast in Uganda.

However, other coffee makers are able to work with other coffee types.

Choice of coffee

The type of coffee is also classified according to its richness. While some people prefer the lighter taste that can be produced by most drip coffee machines, others such as Nathan, who prefer a much stronger coffee could go for other coffee makers such as the French press.


French press prices range from an average of Shs60, 000 depending on where you buy them.

Espresso and other drip coffee makers range from an average of Shs180, 000, Shs350, 000 to Shs900, 000.

From online shops, coffee makers range from $18 (About Shs64, 000) to $280 (about Shs993, 000).

Sometimes the prices may depend on the complexity of the machine. Mocha, cappuccino, latte makers cannot be at the same price range of non-flavoured coffee makers.

According to after you have debated on how involved you want to be in the process of making your coffee (You may only want to push a button for a quick beverage you can then take with you in a travel mug, there is an option of a simple single cup, drip coffee or espresso machines, though they typically require freshly ground beans to make the brewing work for you. You may also use a pour over or a French press)


You would love to have a cup of coffee even when you are in a hurry. That will require you to go for a coffee maker that will cut preparation time.

According to Bagambagye, the more complex the machine, the longer it will  take to prepare a particular kind of coffee.

The gadget choice will also depend on the number of people consuming the coffee. To save time, using a filter alongside a drip coffee maker, will make more coffee in less minutes than making one cup after another.