How to add decorative touch to your interior

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What you need to know:

Moving into a new home can be one of life’s great joys, but it can also be a time of uncertainty, especially when it comes to decorating. With planning, you will have a much greater chance of success

Decorating or redecorating your living space should not be overthought. It can be just a few things creatively put together.

Maybe as simple as an accent wall, colourful light bulb, or new throw pillow that can give your space a whole new definitive or statement look.

Reuben Wasike of Century Designing Company Limited tips that each space should be carefully decorated given the amount of time occupants spend therein.

He says, “Some spaces are more personal such as the bedroom and may require minimalism whereas congested spaces which are occupied by many users require a warm and creative touch so that these aesthetics glue to one’s eye with appeal.”

Here the expert enlists ways in which homeowners can spice up their living spaces.


The mostly recognised area in home spaces is usually the living room or lounging area. This is simply because it is the pivot of all gatherings and the most accommodating space for guests.

The interior expert suggests that this space should fit in best with the identity of the home owner but also be accommodative and sensitive of the other occupants.

“ You can understand the colours and work of art that please your home occupants and blend them with your preferences to create a unison of art pleasantries that appeal to every ones interior needs for instance if you love colour purple, you can include sister colours such as yellow, orange and green,” she says.

For such a space, Wasike encourages art works such as paintings, sculptures, statement furniture and accessories that speak most to the users.

He shares; “The lounge should be well lit with decoratives that make the space warm. This can be crowned with wise choice on lighting and colour which make the most out of the space. For instance strip lights for the accent walls, spot lights and chandeliers for the ceiling  will make the space more vibrant and interesting .

According to Wasike, mirrors also play a great role in adding a sense of appeal and luxury to a space.

“Reflecting surfaces can be placed in spaces near counter basins in corners and should be highlighted with a decorative touch such as embedded in wood art,” he adds.


Wasike suggests dark shades of colour for the kitchen area given that they are usually filled with smoke and dirt.

“Dark shades such as brown can be placed near the chimney area and toned down with warm shades such as sky blue embedded in back splash tile work for easy cleaning solutions,” he tips.

These warm colours, he adds, are appealing when added to the food selection. When it comes to lighting, the expert recommends a soft flickering of a candle laid at the table or kitchen counter to rhyme best with meal times.

You can opt for a dash of colour too on your kitchen worktop flower vase or a few kitchen faux ornaments to add a statement.

“A set of Costas or faux fruits and food item sculptures or a ceramic fruit designed work of art can be placed on the centre table to mark the meal time spaces in the kitchen and light up appetites,” he explains.

You can add a few ornamental utensils such as plates engrafted with art work or wooden wine glasses as these are both functional and ornamental.

For choice of chandeliers, homeowners should opt for lighting systems with drippings that draw near to the table sections to lighten up the space and give a sense of comfort to occupants during meal times.

Everything about this space should be carefully thought out while decorating for a perfect food selection and be able to ignite rich appetite and warmth to homeowners.


According to Wasike, this space is the least used in home spaces. He believes homeowners should not neglect it and still spruce it up with elements that are unexpected but convenient.

“To start with, bringing a stool into your bathroom would create a relaxation spot or enable you raise your basins at a comfortable height in case you cannot opt for shower sprinklers.”

Wasike advices homeowners to be cautious of the amount of light they let into the space to avoid accidents and also be aware of the wet environment.

“You can slide in a few waterproof decorative rugs or waterproof curtain or a shower cabin to keep the rest of the space away from wetness and keep it dry and clean most of the time,” she explains.

Scented candles can be added to the list of lighting to add a cosy feel and sense of relaxation to the space.


However personal this space is, you cannot afford to leave it plain and boring.

Minimalism he recommends can be enlisted in a simple canopy for the bed netting, or a dominant paint hue and a few bottled plants preferably succulents and herbs that give back great health benefits while resting.

“Do not forget the basics such as bedside lamp terns to enable you create a reading nook or mirrors to enhance your room space and allow you use the space at ease,” he shares.

The expert tips homeowners to be selective of their decorative pieces such as paintings for their bedroom space as this should not be kept busy but calm down the space with light ornaments that enhance a sense of relaxation.


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