It is more than just a lighting system

Chandeliers can be dramatic, elegant and  add glamour to the room. PHOTO/ESTHER BRIDGET NAKALYA

What you need to know:

Manufacturers have become more creative and more indulgent in their offerings. There are decorative light fixtures to suit every style and purpose

Why put just plain light fixtures in your space when you can have lighting that creates emotions and elevates your aesthetics? With the advancement of technology, we are no longer limited to just the bulb or the tube for lighting. 

Manufacturers have become more creative and more indulgent in their offerings. There are decorative light fixtures to suit every style and purpose.

These fixtures are made to fit in every architectural design; you can mount them on ceilings in hallways, entryways and other gathering spaces, alongside mirrors in restrooms, lounges, and dressing rooms or on walls to project light up to the ceiling where it filters back down into the room for a dramatic lighting effect.

But most importantly, most of them have LED technology which gives your spaces a great look while reducing operating costs.

Bath and vanity lights typically mount above or alongside mirrors in restrooms, lounges, and dressing rooms.

Decorative wall sconces project light up to the ceiling where it filters back  into the room for a dramatic lighting effect. Spin lights replace bare light bulbs with a fixture that installs like a bulb.

Types and shapes

 Brian Mubiru from CHiNT electronics, says decorative lights are usually in form of chandeliers, scones and lanterns.  He says each type is meant to be used in a specific place.

Ahmed Musthafa from Mak Lighting Engineers Limited, says decorative pieces come in a variety of shapes from square, round, oval to rectangular shapes. 

“Highly ornamental pieces are distinguished mostly by patterns and themes as opposed to ordinary shapes. The lighting systems are crafted in floral patterns, ring formats, bird curving and multiple curves and patterns specifically designed to appear unique,” Mustafa says. 


As the name suggests decorative light fixtures help your space shine and stand out of the ordinary. These lights contain the comfort of ambiance lighting, the efficiency of task lighting, and the impact of accent lighting.

They come in unique shapes and creative colours and patterns such as metallic brass, nickel, chrome, antique gold, tin and copper as well as unique materials like driftwood, shells, chicken wire, bamboo, and painted colours. Decorative light fixtures include chandeliers, pendant lights, wall décor lights, track lights and recesses lights. 


Chandeliers can be dramatic, elegant or understated but what form they take, they add glamour to the room. Traditionally, chandeliers were used only as decorative lights for living and dining rooms. But, now, they come in various minimalistic and elaborate designs for kitchens, bedrooms, foyers, and even bathrooms.

Pendant lights

These can be identified by the stems by which they hang from the ceilings.  They are mainly used as task lighting but crafted with an aesthetic flair. They can be used anywhere from a kitchen counter to the study and offices.

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is used for purposes of providing general lighting in a subtle manner.  This lighting should be your choice of indoor decorative light if you want a fuller bright look instead of a vibrant, heavily impactful look for your room.


These are used when one want to diffuse light from the ceiling and create a soft ambiance in a room. They come in form of elegant drum shades, silky sheer to burlap solids, and fun geometric prints, with glass choices from recycled bottle to sparkling crystal and art glass.


Dining room

As a formal space for entertaining guests, the dining room is a place to incorporate a statement piece. Consider an oversized light that will capture attention as soon as you walk in, or opt for a sleek black ceiling light that will add an air of sophistication to your entertaining space.

Children’s room

Whimsical lighting adds fun to the children’s room. Consider a colourful fixture, shape, or shade motif, including floral designs, stars, and nautical ceiling lights such as ship lights, shells, and starfish.

Living room

Experts prefer layers of lighting fixtures for the living room. Since each layer serves different purposes and caters to a different ambiance, it is advisable to have recessed lighting, cove lighting, and a beautiful chandelier all in one space


The price list of decorative lights entirely depend on types and shapes. The massive pieces are relatively costly which also depends on their make, according to different suppliers. Mubiru says decorative lights from CHiNT range between Shs88,000 and Shs16,000,000.  Whereas Musthafa estimates that elsewhere one can get them at a cost of between Shs250, 000 to Shs750,000 per piece.