Kigo: Build your dream home in a serene environment

Kigo, along Entebbe Expressway is good for residential houses and farming. Photos BY SHABIBAH NAKIRGYA

What you need to know:

Whether you want land for farming, building a luxurious home or apartments, Kigo will satisfy this need. This place is home to people from two different worlds, so any one can fit in.

While some may assume Kigo is a high end place which may not have enough land left to settle on, a walk within the area last week confirmed that the area still has a lot of idle land. However, it is true some people have put up some structures for example, when one arrives at place, one of the already set up structures they first notice is the magnificent Mirembe Villas and of course other apartments just next to or opposite the luxurious apartments.
The place is now more accessible like never before ever since the construction of the Entebbe express highway was completed last year.

One may easily come to a conclusion that the area has only gained a lot of attention because of the newly constructed Entebbe express high-way.

However, Abdul Ssenkabira, a local council leader in the area, says some of the structures were built before the construction of the Entebbe Expressway.

The mud rush to Kigo
“People have been flocking this area I think since 2010. The belief by some people that the Entebbe expresway could have been one of the reasons why the place of late has a lot of attention is therefore based on falseness.,” Ssenkabira shares.

He also says Kigo has many features that have given the place attention such as the Kayirikiti stream and Kizimbye Road that are tourism features because of their roots in the Buganda Kingdom history.
“Kizimbye road was put in place during kabaka Mwanga’s reign to cater to transport Kabaka Mwanga’s wife while Kayirirkiti stream was often used to by the Nkiima clan,” he says.

Besides the stream, Ssenkabira says the place is also located on the outskirts of Lake Victoria which is an additional advantage since it beautifies the place.
“The area is on a hill with a good view of the lake. Who wouldn’t want to settle in this kind of place?” he asks.
Ssenkabira is, however, quick to admit that to some extent, the Expressway could have contributed in one way or another to the attention the place is receiving. He says a small section of people might have not been in know of the area’s beauty.

The construction of the road, he says, has helped open up the place more to the public to an extent that even those who hadn’t, in the past bothered to visit the place, now feel the place is a must go place.

The people
The area is of late settled in by a mixture of elites and the ordinary citizens who engage in small scale economic activities for a livelihood such as fishing, retailing, small scale farming and stone quarrying. This is completely opposite to what the elites in the area do for a living. Most, Senkabira says, are employed the country’s government and private sector.

The difference in the kind of economic activities both parties do for a living, one can therefore say, has brought about two different worlds of people the area.

However, Sauda Najjemba, a resident in the area and retailer, says this to her is not an issue since the flocking in of the so called elites has helped to some extent give them economic opportunities.
“Most of these people have cars so at least we are sure that boys in the area can get jobs like washing their cars and doing other jobs that could help put money in their pockets instead of engaging in crime,” she says.

Kigo, according Abdul Ssekabira is of late not facing a lot of crime. He says this has been as a result of the continuous deployment of security operatives at night. Ssekabira how says the only problem ordinary people are facing in the area torture from the security operatives in the late hours of the night.
“Security in Kigo has been good. The only problem is that some people are complaining about the torture from security operatives. Some are complaining that they get beaten up by police,” he says.

Asked whether they have tried to engage the security about the issue Ssenkabira says they have and believe it will be acted on by those concerned.

Cost of land
The cost of land in Kigo has, according to Ssekabira been rising. This, he says, is because of the high number people flocking to this place.
For instance, a 100 by 100 feet plot of land, he says,is approximately Shs150m.

He, however, says at times it may depend on the person selling the land. Meanwhile, an acre of land in the area, he says, can approximately go for Shs300m.
Kigo is with no doubt one of those places one can try and not regret following our brokerage advice. Give it a try and you will not regret.


Kigo is located in the south east of Kampala and is approximately a 20-minute drive away from Uganda’s capital, Kampala.
The place, like earlier mentioned, is on a hill and the outskirts of Lake Victoria. This means one can easily get a good view of the lake [Victoria] and the entire area thus adding more beauty to the place.


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