Sink splash guards: Stylish and functional

Choose a sleek, uncomplicated design that enables water to flow smoothly back into the sink.  PHOTO/

What you need to know:

While most guards are relatively affordable, some may be more expensive than others depending on their size and design. Some even have built-in soap dispensers, making them both functional and convenient.

Splash guards are some of those accessories you wonder how you ever did without them after using them.  If you are one of those homeowners who get irritated by the sight of water splashes and food debris around your sink, what you need is a sink splash guard. A splash guard mat is an accessory added to your sink to help keep your sink area clean and dry by absorbing excess water and soap while protecting countertops from hard water stains and scratches.

Apart from providing a protective shield, a sink splash guards improve the aesthetics of your space because they come in attractive designs that add some style and elegance.

Made from durable materials such as stainless steel, tempered glass and acrylic, splash guards can be installed without professional assistance, making them a worthy investment.  In conclusion, the choice of a splash pad for your bathroom sink is an important decision that can greatly enhance your daily routine and bathroom aesthetics.

A well-selected splash guard not only prevents water from splashing but also adds a touch of elegance to your space. Sink splash guards differ in style and size depending on the brand. Nonetheless when buying a sink splash guard, look for brands that prioritise quality, customization and durability.


To enjoy the benefits of a sink splash guard it is important to keep it in a good working condition. Therefore, choosing one made from materials that resist water, mold and mildew will make your maintenance work easier.  Also opt for materials that are easy to clean as failure to keep your guards clean will attract bacteria to your sink. It is recommended to clean with soap and water and set out to dry every few weeks. The cleaning solutions will differ according to the material of your splash guard.

Sink splash guards with multiple little cubbyholes for storing kitchen utility items, or mats with complex grate patterns molded into the rubber or metal surface require much added cleaning time to prevent buildup around those features.


Installation is typically a straightforward process. You can easily attach splash guards to the sides of the sink for protection. Some models have adhesive backing for attachment.  Others have adjustable straps or suction cups for security. These guards can fit different sink sizes and configurations. They are a versatile solution for kitchen and bathroom setups.


There are many types of Kitchen splash guards for sinks available in the market, but they all serve the same purpose: to protect your kitchen from water damage and make cleaning up easier. Consider the cost of the splash guard. While most guards are relatively affordable, some may be more expensive than others depending on their size and design.

Some even have built-in soap dispensers or shelves for holding sponges and other cleaning tools, making them both functional and convenient. Make sure to choose a guard that fits your budget while still providing the protection and style that you need. Prices range between Shs100,000  and Shs390,000.

According to, classic clip-on splash guards are a common and straightforward type. They are designed for easy attachment to the sides of the sink. They are made of silicone or plastic. They form a barrier. This barrier catches water splashes. It stops the water from reaching surrounding surfaces. These guards are well-liked because they are simple and functional.

They often have adjustable clips or straps to fit different sink sizes. Consider which materials will be the most resistant to bending, denting, and scratching as well as which one will last longest under the control moisture that comes with a commercial sink. Check the product specification page of the individual unit to determine what each sink splash guard is made of.

Flexible rubber roll-up guards

They offer an innovative and versatile solution. They can be used for sinks with different dimensions. Typically, these guards are made of flexible rubber or silicone. They can be rolled up when not in use. Their adaptable design makes them ideal for sinks of unconventional shapes or sizes. Users can unroll the guard and secure it to prevent splashes.

Suction cup mounted guards

They balance stability and flexibility. They provide a secure grip without using adhesives. They are easy to remove for cleaning. These are ideal for people who want a temporary solution.


Many sink splash guards are made to match specific sink designs, while others are a more general fit. For maximum effectiveness of your splash guard, it is essential to accurately measure your sink area and select an ideally sized splash guard based on this measurement. Doing this ensures optimal effectiveness as well as visual harmony, two aspects which must coexist for best results.