Succulent plants bring positive energy to your home

Succulents require minimum attention and clean up the air when incorporated in one’s home.  PHOTOs/Esther Nakalya

What you need to know:

Growing succulents at home provides the homeowner with nourishment for both the eyes and the soul

The modern-day home is filled with technology and power enhanced devices.

 It could be that micro-wave placed on your kitchen worktop, the cell phones that are always at an arm’s length while you are relaxing next to your television set in your living room or the washing machine installed next to your bedroom in the hallway.

Whichever equipment it is, scientists have proven these as hazardous to one’s health as they create high radiation hence causing illnesses such as cancer and low recovery chances among bed-bound patients.

According to Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero, “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

The philosopher derived this from the need for one to feed both their mind and soul. 

Succulents are plants with fleshy tissues that conserve water. They are easy to grow as they require only little water sprinkles.

Even better, they are beneficial in many ways, including catering for the health needs of the occupants in one’s home.

Irene Namazzi is a gardener and proprietor at Friends of nature. She shares the benefits of growing succulents at home.

Brighten your home

Namazzi has invested in a number of succulent species in her home space. That is to say; snake plant, the aloe era, donkey tail, bunny ear, among others. Her intention is to create a warm ambience in her living space and attract a colourful aesthic as these plants tend to thrive in room temperature environments.

“Succulents create a greenery touch to my space and also blossom in any season hence adding colour to my home environments,” she says.

Additionally, the gardener recommends placement of succulents in study rooms and relaxing spaces as this stimulates positive feelings. They also enhance mental health among occupants especially among children hence developing their critical thinking.

Purify the air

Research has it that plants have the ability to remove volatile organic compounds from the air.

The study proves that plants emit water vapour which in turn eliminates contaminated air hence purifying the atmosphere.

According to Namazzi, her kitchen work top usually holds just one snake plant.

“The snake plant is a life plant and acts as  a freshener as well. It helps create a purified atmosphere given the smoke and unfriendly kitchen ordours in my kitchen space as well as my bathroom,” she explains.


The gardener uses some of these plants whose stems are filled with water as a first aid kit in her home.

“I pick a few leaves off the aloe vera plant and squeeze some fluid to treat minor burns while at home,” she shares.

Namazzi adds that succulents can improve common health issues such as sore throats, common colds, dry cough and dry or itchy skins.

Succulents have also been proven to absorb radiation emitted from appliances.

These plants create the ability for the human body to resist the toxic waves hence avoiding cancer and other related illnesses.

“The aloe vera plant is considered most effective in absorbing heavy radiation in spaces together with the donkey tail which I position just between me and a gadget such as a computer to eliminate radiation effects.”

Produce fresh oxygen

Namazzi not only limits the succulents’ placement in her home but also shares them with loved ones suffering with illness.

This she does by visiting her patients with succulents and placing them next to them.

The plant lover has been able to record pain tolerance among patients at home and in the neighbourhood, hence acting as a natural pain control remedy.

“I use the cactus plant in my bedroom where I place it at arm’s length at my bedside to accumulate oxygen in my room space and enhance better breathing mechanisms during my relaxation hours.”

This is the gardener’s secret to quick recovery and healthier life as she inhales on that fresh air and de-toxifies her system.

Safety tip

The plant lover advises users to be sensitive to the needs of their home occupants as some might be allergic to the plants.

“In case you have family members that are allergic to plants, consider placing them in spaces that are not used by many people such as your personal bathroom and study room or bedroom,” she tips.

She suggests that allergic occupants can benefit from the fluids that are squeezed out of the plants.

Conclusively, the gardener encourages users to research about each succulent on purchase in order to benefit from the health results they have to offer. Being knowledgeable about the plant benefits she says helps the users to identify which plants suit each room at home.