What to consider when choosing land for building a house

Tuesday July 08 2014

If you are to build these four, two-bedroom apartments as indicated in the artistic impression above and the plan on the left, there are certain aspects you need to consider before buying the land on which you plan to construct. Photo Julius Eryenyu Jojo

In every individuals life, there comes a time when the need arises for having a place to call a home, and to gratify this need, there are three most sure ways; renting a house, buying a house and building a house

Although each option has its benefits and drawbacks, for instance; when renting a house, it’s true that you don’t require much capital to start, relocation is always easy and if you find the place unpleasant, you can always move.

However, the problem is every amount of money paid goes into someone else’s pocket and you can’t call a rented house a place of your own.
On the other hand, building or buying a house requires much capital outlay and requires much consultation and care and in some cases, remodelling.

The other option, which is building a house, is by far one of the major investments that most people make in their life time, therefore before making this investment, remember there are many aspects to consider as discussed below.

Nature of the soil
Some soils like clay and sand make it expensive to construct the foundation because they are not compacted.

Local authorities restrictions;
It is important to get to know the local authorities’ restrictions as they may differ from one place to another, for example, what is permitted in Kampala may not be approved in Entebbe.


Weather effects
If the plot is on a slope, you need to consider how the rain water from higher areas will affect your property and what it will take to contain it.

Government future plans
Get to know whether the government’s future plans will affect your location, most people get inconvenienced by government developments, like roads and rail lines, so the earlier you get to know of such plans (if you can), the better.

Neighbour’s plan
If you can, get to know what the neighbouring plots are likely to be used for, for example your immediate neighbour may put up a tall building that might infringe on your privacy or block your best views.

Know the kind of house you want
Get to know the kind of house you want and determine what size of plot you need.

Land wrangles
Find out if the land you have chosen has any disputes that might affect your developments.

Authenticity of land title
Check with the lands office to ascertain the validity of your land, to avoid unscrupilous deals (buying air) as the common saying goes.

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