HR practitioners to get practicing certificates

The government has drafted legislation that will be used to streamline the operation of Human Resources practitioners in the country.

Citing the example of other professionals such as lawyers, the commissioner in charge of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation at the Ministry of Public service, Mr Fredrick Walugembe said human resource practitioners when the law comes into place, will be required to have a practicing certificate to enable them to operate.
‘’The law will address the missing gaps and make them credible for misconduct and ensure that the professional conduct of human resource practitioners is observed,” Mr Walugembe stressed.

He said this will be a great milestone for professionals because it will help to eliminate masquerades out of the profession.
The commissioner while officiating at the Launch of the human resource managers association of Uganda (HRMAU) Reveal Awards 2021, said this will also help the human resource manager in the country to acquire the necessary training.

According to him, the employers will also be able to employ people that they are confident of because they will be having the necessary qualifications which match the standards. 
‘’The lawyers have this type of requirement, and therefore there is a need to protest it, “he added.
Human Resource Managers Association president, Mr Moses Mbubi said this was good move for the profession and should be spearheaded. 

‘’The couples of professionals that are protected like the accountants, the lawyers and doctors have a different code of conduct from other professionals and are respected,’’ he said
The ministry of Public Service is the leading agency in making sure that the legislation is properly drafted and processed through the proper legal flame work.


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