We are bringing in good business, why is our boss ungrateful?

Friday December 25 2020
By Jane Muiruri

Dear Jane,
I have worked in a PR firm for three years. At first, our performance was dismal, but lately, the business has really been picking up. Instead of recognising our hard work however, the proprietor has started to mistreat and disrespect us, even threatening to sack some of us over flimsy grounds. What is causing this and how should we handle it? Janette.

Dear Janette, 
When the organisation succeeds, you are assured of a steady flow of income for many years to come and hopefully, until you voluntary exit or retire. You therefore need to interrogate why this sudden change of attitude from your employer.

You allude to the fact that the change is due to the success of his company. This might be one of the factors, but there could be other contributors to this.

With the expansion of a company, there comes more competition and the pressure to remain on top of the industry. 

There is also more staff joining the organisation with varied behavioural patterns and expectations, and this may cause dissatisfaction if their expectations are not met.


I advice that you look for a representative who has a good working relationship with your boss and send him or her with your grievances.
You might be surprised to learn that your employer is not aware that there is dissatisfaction among you. 

This forum will be a good beginning to a change process that will be inclusive of leadership and have common values to guide the behaviour of all stakeholders.

Let’s face reality; for some individuals, it may be time to test new frontiers by looking for opportunities in other companies since they have already amassed good experience in public relations.

For those who remain, they must make the environment conducive by constantly engaging the employer and management whilst making an effort to stay true to the company values. They must also meet their performance objectives.

Staying on in a work environment that makes you unhappy, and which you keep  complaining about is toxic, and might affect your health in the long run.

This will ultimately affect you and your colleagues’ performance, and when this happens, the company will suffer.

Jane Muiruri, 
Senior HR Manager, 
Nation Media Group