Chips, chicken and such could do well

What you need to know:

  • Restaurant review. Pickles Restaurant is a new joint, only a few months old. Situated on Rubaga Road below Rubaga Cathedral, their menu could be better.

Pickles Restaurant is a new joint, barely a few months old and is situated on Rubaga Road below Rubaga Cathedral. I think that particular area of Rubaga is not what I would consider as offering good prospects for medium-priced local fare. Besides, the place is the size of a postage stamp with limited parking. 

The clientele

However, with Mutesa I University in 10 minutes walking distance, this has brought a lot of activity within the neighbourhood.The beneficiaries would appear to be internet cafes which are numerous and popular. Needless to say, university goers and coeds must eat and this has never been in doubt. However, chicken and chips for about Shs18,000 would seem out of the reach for most students who understandably can barely afford such lofty prices and would prefer to pay the least amount of money for a meal. While not suggesting ekikomando (beans and chapatti), Pickles is certainly more upmarket for that kind of fare and, they will have to think of something that can pull and be affordable for the university crowd.

The menu

Presently, Pickles sells themselves as a joint for local food with a difference while also offering chicken and goat luwombo as a specialty for a reasonable Shs18,000 and Shs 20,000 respectively. 

My guess is that Pickles will have to price themselves in the under a tenner bracket to be able to pull in the campus crowd and come up with affordable chaps, samosas, Katogo or else prospects appear to be bleak.

Recently, we ventured there for lunch and despite the fact that it was past noon and approaching one, the lunch menu posted was not yet ready and in the end we had to settle for chicken and chips and beef stew and matooke with sweet potato and pilao. The food was reasonably good though the matooke would have greatly benefitted from longer cooking. The chicken and chips were nothing to write home about and as for the chips we prefer ours to be slightly crunchy and almost brittle like in appearance which was not the case.


The one solitary waitress on duty was a disappointment and from all indications and appearances, was sourly and unsmiling. I realise that life in the food service sector can be hardwork; regardless, such slovenly behaviour does not give customers a positive or good impression. Perfect posture and a smile at all times are some of the necessary and inescapable ingredients of the trade.

The flowers and verdict

On the plus side, the place is neat and cleanliness and SOPs seem to be in place however, I doubt as to whether local food aficionados will wend their way to Pickles. Stick with fries, chaps, fried chicken, kebabs and the like and you are bound to attract those coeds and others. Soon they will be flocking like nobody’s business.

The  deal

Place: Pickles Restaurant

Address: Rubaga Road, below the Rubaga Cathedral

Rating: Worth a visit

Smoke-Free Zone: Not allowed

Menu: Local food with a bevy of snacks

Recommended: Goat or chicken luwombo

Damage: Shs50,000 for two

Service: Indifferent

Ambience: Decent

Parking: Limited

Note: These views are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration. The menu listings and prices are subject to change without notice.


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