How differently will you celebrate this Easter?

Sunday April 04 2021
By Christine Katende

Easter greetings. Last year, Easter fell at a time when the country was in total lockdown. Covid-19 had hit the continent and was spreading faster than bush fire. This year, at least some of the lockdown guidelines were eased and churches were opened- on condition that the congregation  observes the standard operating procedures by Ministry of Health.  What is the mood as Easter is upon us. Christine Katende sounds out how different people will celebrate this year’s Easter.

Edgar Naijuka, accounts manager
Thank God, this year we are a bit free to move as opposed to last year when we had to do everything indoors.  I hope to be at church to thank God for the message of the Cross because that is where salvation starts from. God has been faithful to us.  Thereafter, I will join my family for lunch and extended fellowship because this is what I missed last year.

Rachel  Mbabazi Kiyaga, teacher
Last year’s Easter was unique, we had an Easter Service with my small family, we sung praise and worship songs. My husband led us through a Holy Communion session. After the service, we prepared a great meal, and made merry, and later in the evening, we watched a film.
This time round, God has freed us, we are more expectant and joyful as we will congregate with other saints at church, have a joint Holy Communion led by our senior pastor. Thereafter,  we will proceed to our parents’ home for a  mouthwatering lunch  with the entire family.

Gerald Ssessazi Aquino, tours and travel operator
Apart from sleeping and eating that crowned last year’s Easter season, nothing much went on given the total lockdown. This time I plan to go for a trip and if not that, it will be a work vacation. I will also visit some friends as I take a break off work.

Switinah Senyendera, businesswoman
Last year was all about staying home and following service on the television. I also prepared a mouthwatering meal for the family. I will wake up early, prepare breakfast then go to church with my family. I do not expect to spend much time in the kitchen. We are going to have lunch out and I want us to enjoy as well as my children because the lockdown limited us from doing so many things and going to different places.

Julie Evas Tibagonzeka, nutritionist
I will go to church. Otherwise, the Covid- 19 fear of hanging out is still high. We will move around as a family after prayers, play in an open place and this time eat home-cooked food then return home. Last year, we had to follow service online and stayed indoors, unlike today.


Sarah Kisauzi, Actress
I spent last Easter at home with my immediate family and, we could not go anywhere. This time round, other than going to church to praise the risen Lord, I will spend this year’s Easter the same way with more cautious approach to social gatherings. I hope to reach out to family and friends over the phone so as to share with them my hope and gratitude for our lives.

Samuel Musoke, Senior Pastor,  Big God Church
This year, Easter will be totally different from last year’s which took place during total lockdown. At least we can visit our village branches across the country to encourage them in Christ. We will donate Bibles, reading glasses and I will teach them how life must continue despite the situation on gathering restrictions such as, (200 people per worship church service, wearing masks all the time in church, and sanitising.

This time we have invited our members to congregate and we plan to hold several sessions in the morning to make sure we do not exceed the number allowed. We have prepared a celebration (Easter gala) on Easter Monday from 2pm to 6pm, this is meant to encourage and motivate our new members who have joined us after lockdown and those who are just returning from a long stay at home.
As Christians, we know it is because of our Lord Jesus Christ sacrificial death on the Cross that brought our peace and the  life we enjoy.(Luke 22:42,Isaiah 53:5)

Peterson Walube, Teacher
I am going to be involved in full ministry (ushering) at church from morning until evening depending on the programme. This is because last year’s Easter found me in Dubai, UAE where I hardly got time for God. I will spend the day with family. Regardless of what happened during the lockdown, this is time for total redemption.

James Brian Ntwatwa, CEO Incredible Youth International
The lockdown did not only prohibit us from moving out of the house but it put everything right from churches to happening places to a standstill.
Now that most places are open including the airport, I plan to travel to Miami Beach in the US for a mini vacation. I will first go to church for Mass to thank the risen Lord for my life as well as achievements.  

Sharon Bianca, interior designer
Easter 2021 is a week earlier than 2020; consumers have adjusted their behaviour to meet the demands of a Covid-19 reality and have planned to celebrate at home by treating themselves to baking, decorating and basket-filling. This is in stark contrast to last year’s limited celebrations as stay-at-home guidelines were effected just before Easter 2020.

This time is a bit tough because my two children have returned to school but I will endeavour to make the best of it. We thank God for the lives saved during this pandemic and we believe he will continue to protect us.

Phillip Kihumuro, Researcher
The year 2020 taught us a lot and made us reflect deeply. We spent more time with family in total lockdown. Today, I will be with my family and friends who will join us for a series of activities to refresh our minds. We shall go for outdoor activities [God willing] and appreciate life. Every day is a blessing [last year we didn’t know that it would turn out the way it did]. I encourage everyone to celebrate and live their lives as healthy as possible and appreciate nature because it provides healing, especially for stress. Go to a park nearby or  a waterfront and savour the beauty.