I knew she would be my wife

Hamza and Marion. PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • Hamza Ndiwalana, a businessman, and Marion Violet Kusoniwa, a human resource manager, met at Makerere University. They shared their story with Esther Tusiime Byoona.   

The duo met in 2011 at Makerere University through a mutual friend.

“I went to my childhood friend; my laptop had an issue, and there was some work I was submitting that day,” she says.

She adds that when she reached his room, he had a lecture but assured her he was calling someone to be with her.

“I did not want to stay alone in the room, so he called Hamza to be with me,” she adds.

When they met, a friendship started to flourish.

“I realised he cared for me. I had left home without eating breakfast, but he went to the canteen and bought me snacks and tea. He kept checking on me, and it propelled me to become his friend,” Marion says.

“As our friendship developed, it was evident that she was the one for me,” Hamza says.


“She is different, hardworking, and involved in the church productions we were attending,” he notes.

“Hamza is a friendly, caring, and carefree person. I had many friends on campus, and he was one of them,” she explains.

After university, they lost touch, but Hamza reached out to her in 2017 in hopes of rekindling the friendship.

“This time I had a purpose; I knew in my heart that she was the one for me,” he adds.

He confessed his feelings for her and did what it took for her to accept him.

“We agreed to start dating with the end goal of marriage in September 2018,” she recalls.


Hamza proposed in February 2019. He says he contacted her close friends, his sister, and his auntie. He informed them of his intentions.

Before he proposed, he brought a ring that she was certain she would like.

“We had been moving around ring shops, so I was certain of the ring she would love. I brought the ring and went to Senana Hypermarket and bought a teddy bear,” Hamza remembers.

He walked to her office and told her he was waiting for her.

“I had made friends with the askari, so I asked him to record on my phone since I was going to propose. When she came down, she was shy, so I proposed, and she accepted,” he notes.

The two went for a bite at Café Javas, where they found their friends and family waiting.


The Kukyala was in May 2019. The introduction was in November 2019, and the wedding happened in December 2019.

The introduction was at Marion’s parents’ home in Iganga District. She says the planning for the introduction went well; the only mishap was that on the day of the introduction, it rained.

“The rain started from the previous night until the day, but we still had an amazing time,” she says.

Hamza notes that the rain added a good experience to the introduction.

“Our friends enjoyed the introduction and kept wishing to go back to Iganga,” he remembers.

The service providers did a fantastic job, but the rain had an impact on the decoration.

“The rain affected the décor because when it stopped raining, the décor had to be done quickly, and most of the décor was left out since it was late,” she says.

Marion adds that the décor was not designed to meet their expectations.

The couple had an amazing time at the function. Marion says her highlight was her friends and high school teachers attending the ceremony.

They planned a big introduction that could accommodate many guests.

Wedding preparations

“We chose to organise a small wedding before Covid-19 because we wanted a small gathering where we knew everyone,” Hamza explains.

The couple had a gazetted wedding with 200 guests present.

Service providers

Marion says the service providers did an amazing job, except for the bridal services and décor team.

“The décor team did something contrary to what we said; they did not understand our directive,” she adds.

“The day I saw the gown, I went to the bridal shop and tried it on. It was too big for me, so I was told the gown in my right size could be imported from abroad,” she continues.

She adds that towards the wedding, she went back to the shop to try on the gown in vain.

“The gown had just come from abroad; I needed to try it on, but I was informed that it was being adjusted to my right size,” Marion explains.

When she went to pick up the gown prior to the wedding, she was told it was not available.

“I was informed that the gown would be delivered in the early morning hours of the wedding, but it was not. The beauty was that I had another gown that I opted for; the gown was delivered a few minutes before the service, and I was able to wear it for the service,” she notes.

Marion adds that she was so angry with the tailor that she did not help her in dressing.

“I felt disappointed on the day, but after taking a look at the pictures and how lovely I looked in the gown, the anger subsided,” she recalls.

The entourage included a bestman, a matron, two groomsmen and bridesmaids, two flower girls, and a pageboy.

The best wedding moments

“She cried while saying the vows that made the moment special,” Hamza says.

“He choreographed a dance with his friends; I was surprised,” Marion adds.