Soak your soul in the love language, take a culinary adventure

Taking a plunge by the Coast. PHOTO | EDGAR R. BATTE

What you need to know:

  • Mombasa is a destination where cordiality and love are celebrated. There, lovers get to come alive as they officially start their matrimonial journeys and enjoy a honeymoon together.

She lay on his back as she smiled, her eyes sheltering behind blue sunglasses as she blissed in the delight of swimming in the splashy green and blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Her boyfriend, agile and jovial, keeps raising his back and elevating her which excites her the most. With her left hand, she reaches into his dreadlocks and gently pulls out two which she plays with.

It is a sunny Saturday afternoon and tourists, several of them couples and families, are out swimming in the ocean while others either sit or walk, and some kick some white sands.

Mombasa is a destination where cordiality and love are celebrated. There, lovers get to come alive as they officially start their matrimonial journeys and enjoy a honeymoon together.

Places have walls which keep the body warm, but it is the souls that give you the physiological warmth with smiles that tickle the soul and tenderize the heart to the idea that love is indeed a beautiful thing.

The Serena staff are natural at making guests feel at home at their facility that is millions of miles away from their actual homes because from the gate that opens up to a two-way wall partly covered in shrubs and palm trees, the security guard was kind to pick my bag and lead me down the tarmac walk and driveway and into the artistically chiselled Arab doors that I was glad to study closer to appreciate the precise designs that exhibit patterns that represent the lifestyle of the coastal people whose lifestyles were heavily influenced by the Arabic and Portuguese traders in the past century.

I was to later take note of the weather. The environment is suitably warm and cold too. I was welcomed to gentle rain drizzles from the open skies that seemed to signal a good week ahead at the subjectively natural coastal luxury compound.

The days were humid while the nights chose to cool the temperatures. Like that, tourists saw it fit to line the beach line as they enjoyed the splendour of the sun by bathing under it.

Some walked along the beach, others took boat cruises, canoe rides, kite surfing, scuba diving, marine tours and swimming in the ocean and in the resort’s swimming pools- adult and children’s pools that, by proximity, flow into one another.

For lovers of culture and the unique heritage of the facility, Serena Beach Resort & Spa adds a tour of the facility that architecturally showcase the true Swahili building style that embodies use of stone, doors that are richly decorated with metallic and copper, wooden high hanging ceiling that are beautified using baskets, local shakers, mats, shuka and more.

Lovebirds, the introvert, extrovert, friends, and groups- private or corporate will find a place to sit and talk, sit and enjoy a meal, rest or sleep and relax.

And with the abundance of spaces, it has been easy to turn around and purpose the resort for weddings and honeymoon, and Ugandans are favourites there for going the distance for the love of beauty, opulence, cultural uniqueness, and coastal experience as they tie the knot or make the most of calm and harmonious kickstart to their matrimonial life.

And for what love is worth, its official journey is worth kickstarting in a tourist destination that is worth recounting your memories for the service and customer care and for the beauty within which you were joined by family and friends as witness to your wedding or for your honeymoon package.

Lovers, friends and holiday makers alike, will be glad to catch the breeze of the Indian Ocean as you relax your body and unwind at the Serena Beach Hotel and Spa beach country that is Mombasa. 

Somewhere along the beach line, tourists love going about the simple pleasures of life; cuddling, turning pages of their favourite novel cover to cover, undisturbed, smoke a cigar, or just listen to the indulgent sound of waves hitting against each other on the gigantic blue Indian Ocean- the third largest on our planet Earth.

It is located on Shanzu Beach some 30 kilometres from Mombasa town. It richly encompasses green plain trees and climbing plants. 

Somewhere in the well-maintained lawns of the compound, is a pond with pots that serves a decorative placement. It should additionally serve to remind the tourist visitors of the enviable traditional life of the coastal and indeed African people. 

But it is the culinary offerings that got my pallet excited, each day present.