Two of a Kind: People mistook us for twins because of matching clothes

Sunday August 01 2021

Joanita Muwema Kimera and Immaculate Ritah Namutale are sisters whose bond confuses many people. In addition to a striking resembance, the sisters have a similar sense of style

By Gabriel Buule

How would you describe your sister?
Joan is a strong, kind and loving person.  She loves cleanliness and that is what distinguished her from us while growing up. 
Have you ever teamed up with her for a fight?
I have never, although I did fight her at school. This was after she threw my white stockings on the veranda when it had rained. 

What is she scared of most? 
I know her as a fearless person who takes on challenges the way they come but as they say that everyone has a fear. Joan fears snails so much.
What is the craziest thing she did as a child?
She was the humble one at home. One day though, we were given money to go to the barber. She suggested that she could cut my hair herself so that we save the money, we ended up being punished.
Her nickname
My grandfather always calls her Mukyaala Brown but again we call ourselves Tom and Jerry. 

What is your earliest memory of her?
One day she was given yellow bananas to take to school but she had a tendency of eating things along the way.  So she ate and remained with one, she divided it into pieces so as to have more.
At break time, her container refused to open and a teacher helped to open it. The banana had mashed up and it looked so bad that the teacher had to call mum to ask what she had given Joan for break then the teacher gave her money to buy popcorn.

How often do you we meet? 
We meet often especially at her place, I love visiting her and sometimes at her workplace. I always want to be where she is but that is mainly because she is a good cook.

Are you friends?
Yes we are best friends she knows me in and out and I do the same.
What do you love about her?
She is a caring and loving person, I call her mummy because she always gives me whatever I ask from her.

How far can you go to help her?
I can put my life on the line for her, She has always been there for me.
What do you have in common?
We both love music, most of the times we meet, we end up recording ourselves singing.  


What habit does she have that you would change if you could?
She is a perfectionist, she likes things to be done the way she wants them.
What is that biggest argument you two have had?
We argue a lot, she likes to buy or give me clothes, but she gets disappointed that I rarely put them on.
What are you good at that people do not know about you?
I am good at counseling and guidance, but people don’t know that side of me. 

Who is the biggest coward between you two?
Maybe me.
Fondest childhood memories you have together?
Mum used to buy us matching clothes and people would call us twins.  I would also leave my bed for hers although we ended up fighting every night. 

How would you describe your sister?
I would describe Immaculate as my ride or die, she is my best friend even though sheis my young sister. We are so open with each other and she is a sister’s keeper.  We are inseparable.

How often do you fight?
We have fought like a thousand times but one fight I won’t forget was in high school. She refused to wash her socks and she put them on my bed, I retaliated by throwing them on the veranda which sparked a fight between us.

What is she scared of the most? 

What is the craziest thing she did as a child? 
It was in Primary Four, she didn’t want to go to school so she decided to stay home. Unfortunately mum came back and found her. When asked, she said they were chasing pupils for school fees. Mum took her back to school to confirm. At school, she lied to the Head-teacher that she thought she would be sent back home for school fees that is why she decided to stay home instead.

What is your earliest memory of her?
She was a cry baby. She was also suspended from school for telling a teacher to mind his own business.
How often you meet? 
As much as we can. Right now we are both in our separate homes but she visits me very often.

What do you love about her?
I love her smile and I love the fact that she’s talkative, you can never be bored around her.
How far can you go to help her?
I can go as far as it takes me to help her. I never want to see her suffer. 

What habit does she have that you would change if you could?

She is too argumentative and she hates  cook ing. We have urged about this and I’m almost giving up on her.

How often do you argue?
Every time we meet, there is something to argue about, even over the phone. If you take a day without calling her she will call and be like what happened you no longer call me, she knows I always have airtime so that’s not an excuse to her.
Most of our arguments are about her asking me to buy her clothes that she doesn’t wear in the end.
What is that one thing people do not know about you?
I don’t drink alcohol. Most people think I do because I’m always posing with liquor bottles.

Fondest childhood memories of you two
Growing up like twins, mum would buy us matching clothes and the only way people would differentiate us was with our skin complexion because I’m brown and she’s chocolate.
Who is the biggest coward amongst you two? 
Immy is the biggest coward but when you hear her talk and argue!