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The cover of the book about dreams and their meaning, written by Edward Aaron Mugabi. PHOTO/PROMISE TWINAMUKYE

What you need to know:

  • Bible says:  “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” 2Corinthians 11:14.

Book review: In Dreams from the Soul, Edward Aaron Mugabi introduces us to the spiritual world of dreams we normally have. Dreams are either about our past or foretell our future.  In this book, the author shows how impactful these dreams can be, writes Promise Twinamukye.

Dreams From the Soul by Edward Aaron Mugabi is a book that inspires one to start paying attention and praying over the different dreams  they get. The book is one of the several books by the same author in which he shares his wealth of knowledge from different scriptures, with intention to make the reader understand better the root causes of the different dreams, and scriptures to enable one create connection with prayer and overcome the different dreams or understand their spiritual meaning.

It should also be noted that throughout his book, Mugabi anchors many of his insights on Christian biblical references which propose that it is every Christian’s duty to understand the root cause of different dreams since God speaks through dreams and visions.   

He cites Genesis 37, about Joseph’s dreams which foretold of a famine in Egypt.  
After reading Chapter One, the book lures the reader on because of the first dream. We tend to have dreams but have no clue about what they mean.  

Martha Nalunga, the main character in the book mysteriously enters a world that turns out to be her life. She goes through what appears to be disturbing dreams but believes that with prayer everything will be resolved. 

The first chapter nearly summarises her life of trouble and prayer. She gets a dream which ends with a lean man asking for his daughter. Nalunga believes the dream has a message but does not understand what the message is.  After the dream, she immediately resorts to prayer, remembering her mother’s quote from the Bible, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.”

Dreams and prayer
She would get dreams of a thin-bearded man talking about the sun setting on him and still asking for his daughter, just like in her first dream. In order for her to understand the dreams, she attempts to share with her teacher who is a friend but all the advice she gets is, “forget it, Nalunga just pray”.

Nalunga’s dreams seem to shake her to the core that she wakes up to prayers which show her dream destiny.  God wants you to pray concerning that dream today so that you can have a glorious destiny. The ability to pray before and after any dream gives you a clear edge over your enemies. So with this, you are in control of your destiny.  

Standing strong
 With her memorised Psalms, she always wakes up to recite Psalms 121, and sleeps after reciting Psalms 139. The book not only shows her prayer life but also lays full extracts from the Bible, especially the Psalms.  However, many of the things that happen to us, be it physical or in dreams, you will hear one say, “Go back home and consult your ancestors”.

Witch doctors want people with money. If one does not oblige, it is a different story.  But through prayer, the book reveals that Nalunga was saved from dying in her nightmare.

Through Nalunga, we not only see the connection of the spiritual world and daily life but also the struggles many go through to know what those dreams mean.

The book also shows the power of prayer because the witch doctors can be unfriendly once their payment is not realised. 

And most definitely, dreams and how they depict one’s future   or past. 

As  Steve Kloves says, ‘in dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own’. Dreams From the Soul demystifies what appears to be terrifying dreams as Nalunga searches for answers and she comprehends the seemingly scary dreams. The book also provides insights into people’s behaviour when they are faced with challenges. Do you pray or sway?

Dreams from the Soul book author,  Edward Aaron Mugabi. PHOTO/PROMISE TWINAMUKYE 

-Additional information by Phionah Nassanga