What 2020 did to our resolutions

Sunday January 10 2021

Charles Ssetimba, Art Director

By Christine Katende

Although some people got ample time  to accomplish what they had set, majority of of them might have failed given the global inconvenience to stick to their resolutions. People share their experiences and how they affected their resolutions. 

Charles Ssetimba, art director

I have no new resolution because we still have the pandemic and the uncertainties of post-election period. It is better to have realistic expectations because we are  working for survival but not progress. The cost of production is high but we are just performing to keep our clientele until the situation normalises. I have set  targets such as venturing in events management by acquiring more equipment which can be used at conferences. Ever since gatherings were halted, I want to own a one-stop centre because when I print banners and teardrops, clients also request for platforms.

Dorcus Murungi, District communication’s officer 

Despite the fact that Covid-19 pandemic affected everyone, God blessed me with so many things that I thank him for. However, just like every year, I have expectations and resolutions such as putting up some nice building and acquiring a car. I am sure God will make them come true. 

Jonathan ssempija, comedian


Jonathan Ssempijja

I have had to carry forward my 2020 resolutions  which included setting up a project with my fellow youths. This year, I am aiming for bigger things. During the lockdown, I managed to boost my creativity and learnt the need to have plan B. I also joined politics.

Frank Baine Mayanja, public relations officer and Commissioner of Uganda Prisons

I attained my resolutions last year which included writing a book and rearing 100 ducks. It did not come easy but I concentrated since I had fewer complaints. I worked hand in hand with my friend who with her colleague managed to edit and handle the other processes and all together pushed the book to print.


Prisons PRO Frank Baine

Although I have not launched it, within the same year, I managed to sell 600 copies and gave away 100 copies. I aim to continue improving the image of Uganda Prisons Service and intensify farming.

Michael Christian, aka, Lyrical Mychael, Gospel artiste


Michael Christian, aka, Lyrical Mychael.

I don’t make New Year resolutions anymore, but I do have goals. I like looking at them more as goals to work on throughout the year and beyond, that way I feel like I am less likely to give up on them. 

Alice Kansiime, Managing Director Finem, Uganda

The resolutions we made last year were based on the prevailing circumstances and we have to adjust these for this year. One of my resolutions was to create a business network for our clients. For example, clients who make chicken feeds to connect with my poultry farmers, those rearing chicken to get contacts with hotels/ restaurants. Those with layers to connect with those who make rolex. But we have more than 2,000 clients, it will be impossible to have them coming together to share experiences, contacts and ideas. I will cluster them into smaller similar business ideologies.

I want to slowly increase our clientele while maintaining the few loyal ones. So retention of already existing clients is going to be paramount because one is unsure of new clients. We have to be able to beat the odds of Covid-19. We will increase our Know Your Customer ( KYC) strategy. I want to increasingly plan and advise our customers in how best to invest their loans. When the clients do well, the business performs better. 

Nugget: Some people will use Covid-19 as an excuse for failure but, it is an eye-opener for us on how to handle things better and differently.

Dr Christopher Mukama Semei, Health and Social Research Specialist

As we approached 2020, my wife and I had big plans. We treated 2020 as a springboard to what we want to achieve up to 2030. We set targets to be achieved within 10 years. The big targets we set included acquiring land for agriculture, construction of commercial houses and start on our retirement home. We know those projects will not be ready by 2030. Most of our income is from consultancy and Covid-19 disrupted our planned activities, some of our clients were severely affected by Covid-19. This year we are trying to recover the previous year’s resolutions to align them with our plan. We anticipate overwhelming work to recover the lost year as we try to meet targets for this year. We are optimistic the world is opening, and we shall put everything at speed as this was a lesson for us not to think that all days will be smooth.

 Jackie Deweyi, Love and Life Coach

Well, 2020 was tough for everyone but not tough enough to kill our dreams. I had a vision board and I managed to achieve, say 70 per cent. For 2021, I have made a vision board, carried forth what I did not realise last year. Everyone should have a vision board instead of just writing resolutions. Visualisation is important in creating the life you want.


Jackie Deweyi, Love and Life Coach

It has improved my motivation, helped me to keep dreaming. For example, I have been meaning to return to school for the three years, when I added it to my vision board, on November 18, 2020, I got my admission letter. This year, I hope to officially set up the Before The Baby Foundation, a space where women battling infertility can meet, network, encourage each other and find solutions. I want to do more work with women beyond the net.

Christine Kyazze, Church financial controller

All the resolutions I had made for the previous year were not fulfilled including the plan to start on some construction work,  new plans for  our school, starting a  side income hustle, among others. 


Christine Kyazze

I am looking up to God to provide so that I at least do something this year. Even though challenges come our way you cannot live a life that has no direction, you will always need to plan. So I think it is necessary to make resolutions. We always plan and leave everything to God. Just like you wake up every day with a list of things you want to do.