The Supreme Court of USA re-affirms abortion

What you need to know:

The Court would lack legitimacy if it frequently changed its Constitutional decisions

The Supreme Court in the United States of America ruled in 1973 that it was the constitutional right for a woman to terminate a pregnancy she was carrying. This ruling has since then legalised abortions in the USA. There have, however, been spirited legal efforts by conservatives to overturn this ruling to, among other issues, protect the unborn child.  Various states have challenged the initial ruling of 1973, with some of the legal challenges making their way to the very Supreme Court. One of these cases is that of Planned Parenthood vs Casey that arose from the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act of 1982.  This law required that a woman seeking abortion had to give her informed consent prior to the procedure and sign a statement declaring that she had notified her spouse prior to undergoing the procedure. Minors had to get the informed consent of at least one parent or guardian and facilities providing abortion services had to report these cases.


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