Bobi Wine, Mwesigye and Kalembe cast their votes

Thursday January 14 2021
By Moses Ndhaye
By Ruth Anderah

Three presidential candidates have already cast their votes in the hotly contested presidential race that has attracted 11 candidates including the incumbent Yoweri Museveni.

Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly known as Bobi Wine, cast his vote at Magere on Thursday.

Speaking to the media immediately after casting his vote, Mr Kyagulanyi said: “This is the day that the Lord has made. This is the day when we take the first major step to freeing this country. There has been no justice, no equality, no fairness whatsoever in these elections. We also saw the attempts to stop me from vying for President, including an attempt on my life. Everybody was scared, they thought I would not cast my vote. But here I am. When I looked at the ballot paper and saw my face, my mind ran back to my time in the ghetto, it ran back to my primary school. It ran back to my friends. It is such a big honour to realise what we have aspired for. I cannot forget my close friend Nubian Li who gave me the confidence to stand for presidency, Eddie Mutwe, and all my other friends. When I see that he and others cannot come and vote, I feel bad.”

Independent candidate Fred Mwesigye cast his vote at Banga Football Pitch in Nakiwogo Entebbe Municipality.

Speaking to journalists after voting, Mr Mwesigye said a new era of God’s reign has begun with a breed of new leaders who fear God.

“Once voted into power, Uganda will emerge into a nation that fears God, with its citizens and religious leaders who fear only God and not fellow men.”


The only female presidential candidate in the race, Ms Nancy Kalembe, cast her vote at Kyeyitabwa polling station in Muyenga, Makindye East.

Nancy Kalembe

Nancy Kalembe cast her vote in Muyenga, Makindye East on January 14, 2020.

Speaking after casting her vote, Ms Kalembe expressed confidence that Uganda will have a peaceful transfer of power.

“I have cast my vote, I am leaving the rest to God. The situation is now out of control but the Bible says do not be anxious, God is in control,” said Ms Kalembe.

She has however condemned the internet shutdown, saying it exposes the current president as a dictator. She urged Ugandans to vote for change.