Court sets date for Dr Nyanzi trial

Kampala. Prosecution told Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s Court yesterday that police have completed inquiries into the case against Makerere University research fellow, Dr Stella Nyanzi, who is accused of harassing President Museveni and insulting his late mother on her Facebook page.
The Resident State Attorney, Ms Janat Kitimbo, asked court to set a date for the hearing. The trial magistrate, Ms Gladys Kamasanyu, set December 10.
Dr Nyanzi is charged with cyber harassment and offensive communication.
Court also ordered the prosecution to disclose all the documents the state intends to use in the trial to Dr Nyanzi’ attorneys.
While appearing in court on November 9, Dr Nyanzi declined to apply for bail. Her lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde asked court to order the state to speed up the investigations so that she can go on trial.
After denying the charges, Dr Nyanzi dared the President to appear in court to show how he was offended by her remarks.
“I do not understand how Yoweri Museveni has been offended by my Facebook posts. I would like him to testify to the extent of offence I have put upon him than my mere writing. I would like to see him testify and look me in the eye and say, Stella Nyanzi you offended me. I read your Facebook posts and I find them offensive,” Dr Nyanzi said.
“…the fact that I don’t know how aggrieved or offended Museveni is, I would like him to come, show me my guilt. These are trumped up charges intended to waste court’s time,” she added.
Dr Nyanzi said she is a critic of the regime who has written about diverse forms of oppression the President has subjected Ugandans to.

Prosecution contends that on September 16, Dr Nyanzi posted on her Facebook page suggestions deemed obscene against the President’s deceased mother.
It is stated that she also repeatedly posted messages to disturb or attempted to disturb the President’s peace or right to privacy.
This is the second time Dr Nyanzi has been taken to court on charges of abusing President Museveni and his family.