Entrepreneur appointed head of UNAA Causes

Mr James Serumaga, the chairman board of directors UNAA Causes.

What you need to know:

  • Name: James Serumaga
  • Education Background: Kyambogo College 1980, Kampala Secondary School 1983, Wentworth Institute of Technology where he graduated with a diploma in Telecommunications.

A faction of Ugandans in North America under their umbrella UNAA Causes, have appointed Mr James Serumaga, the chairman board of directors.
Mr Serumaga will lead a team of about 15 people spread over different committees through the association’s conventions and activities. He will also be part of the Operations committee for the upcoming Uganda Festival at the Exquisite Aria Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas in September 2017.
“This team is dedicated to the independence of our Organisation as we embark on the journey to give Ugandans in North America an independent voice, free of politics and to Promote Great Values. The fact that we are 100% funded from North America is proof of your tremendous support and we are looking forward to an exciting future as we grow our community,” a statement unveiling the board and committees reads.

Other members on the board include; Mr David Muwanga who will deputise Mr Serumaga as well as head the operations committee, Mr DC Kiyemba who also doubles as the finance director, Mr Cornelius Kuteesa and a team consisting of; Dr. Justine Ayebazibwe California, Edris Kironde and Henry Katamba Mutyaba will be in charge of overseeing the success of the Clean Water fund, a campaign to provide Ugandans back home with clean water access.
Others are; Mr Victor Lukandwa who will also head the entrepreneurship club, a savings and investment club for Ugandans in North America.
Other appointments include; Ms Bridget Namitala for publicity, Ms Lukia Elsie Kalule for outreach and Mr. Andrew Sembusi for hospitality.

Mr Serumaga who resigned from UNAA (another faction of Ugandans in North America) board of Trustees in 2014, says that he was attracted to the UNAA Causes association by their philosophy and innovative ideas.
“I came to this association as a service provider for the sound and lighting system, but their activities and programs are the reason I cannot leave and therefore choose to join them and even accept this appointment. They set up a campaign to provide clean water to their fellow Ugandans back home and now have an investment club to pool resources and invest in Uganda and other places, these are programs no other diaspora association has even dreamed of,” he said on his appointment.
“I can assure you, we are going to run similar to Red Cross Society, we shall still not allow politics or influence from the government back home, we shall keep raising funds and support our country through all our different activities. We are going to leave a legacy for other diaspora associations,” he added.

Mr Serumaga’s experience stretches to different roles he has held in other diaspora associations having been the chairman organizing committee in 2003, chairman constitution review committee in 2010, Board of Trustees in 2012 for UNAA before falling out with them in 2014 and joining UNAA Causes.
Mr Serumaga 54, a seasoned entrepreneur is an engineering technician with Comcast Corporation, an American global telecommunications conglomerate that is the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue, the second-largest pay-TV company, largest cable TV company and largest home Internet service provider in the United States, and the nation's third-largest home telephone service provider.
He also owns and runs a personal company that deals with Sound and lighting at events in North America , and is the director of Afri voices, the owners of Rhino Lounge and Restaurant in Boston USA.