Entrepreneurs’ platform needed for businesses to grow, sector players say

International businesswoman Dr Kalpana Abe in Kampala in May 2022. 

What you need to know:

  • Veteran entrepreneurs have a responsibility to inspire the upcoming generation.

Honest, inspirational and properly tailored messages can turn around the fortunes of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMES) for the better, according to some experienced sector entrepreneurs.  

Key sector players further argue that “sharing past experiences among peers - in this case the MSMES - is one of the most fitting prescription needed right now to inspire entrepreneurs whose enterprises are struggling to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic - induced shocks.”

In agreement with the above view, global entrepreneur Dr Kalpana Abe observed that veteran entrepreneurs have a responsibility to inspire the upcoming generation.

“This inspiration should not only be on how to go about the good times but perhaps most importantly drill them on how to cope with the terrain when the going gets tough,” she said during the Go for Gold campaign launched in Kampala early this week.

Just like Dr Kalpana, the CEO of Goldmine Finance, Mr Allan Tayebwa, suggests that “there is no better time than now- to provide motivation and necessary resources to MSMES sector players currently enduring the effects of the pandemic as well as the dire implications of the inflationary pressures on the cost of doing business.”

Goldmine Finance has now launched the Entrepreneurs Information Platform initiative– a digital platform that puts together a range of world-class information and business resources to help small businesses learn and thrive amidst a disturbing terrain.

Working with likeminded partners, our interest is empowering small businesses with insights, tools, information, profiles and knowledge as well as the finances to help entrepreneurs run their enterprises more efficiently and successfully,” Mr Tayebwa remarked.

For marketing expert Ms Lungi Koni small businesses which are currently prevalent across Uganda are crucial for economic sustainability.

“Small businesses are the backbone of many communities and entrepreneurship is increasingly seen as a key to economic growth, particularly in Africa where there is an expectancy that African entrepreneurs will drive the next digital revolution and that intra-Africa trade will drive financial growth within the African continent,” she observed.


Go for Gold is a platform featuring Uganda’s seasoned entrepreneurs who share their stories and learnings in easy-to-learn steps to help the businessperson in becoming successful.

The platform also provides business owners and entrepreneurs with quick and easy access to financing as and when they need it.