Fire destroys sugarcane worth Shs300 million

Tuesday February 23 2021

Mr Ashraf Tejika is counting losses after fire destroyed his plantation. PHOTO/YAZID YOLISIGIRA

By Yazid Yolisigira

IGANGA- A farmer in Bukoona village, Nakalama Sub-county, Iganga District is counting losses after fire destroyed about seventy acres of his sugarcane plantation.

Mr Edrisa Kalonget Misiwa, the owner of the farm said on Monday that he suspects the fire spread from a neighbour’s garden that was being prepared for the impending planting season.

 “The damage is huge but we don’t know what to do because all the [sugar] factories stopped accepting burnt cane,” he said.

He said that about 3,500 tonnes of raw cane worth Shs300 million were destroyed.

According to residents, the fire started at about 1pm on Sunday.

Police led by the officer in-charge of Nakalama Police Station, Mr Michael Arinda, recorded statements from the farm owner and several residents to as investigations to establish the cause of the fire start.