Former BoU secretary, George Nyeko dies

Former Secretary at Bank of Uganda Mr George William Nyeko

The former Secretary at Bank of Uganda Mr George William Nyeko has died, close family members announced. 
Nyeko who retired from Bank of Uganda in March 2015, died on Saturday June 3, 2023, at International Hospital Kampala. 
Nyeko had worked at Bank of Uganda for about 32 years in various departments where he rose the ranks. 

Mr Sam Otim, a son to Mr Nyeko, said he died of Liposarcoma.  
A liposarcoma is a rare type of cancer that develops in your fatty tissue. This type of tumor can grow anywhere in your body. Common places include your abdomen, thigh, and behind your knee.
Speaking about his father’s medial journey yesterday, Mr Otim said the condition started in 2018.
Speaking during the vigil at their home in Mutungo yesterday, the current Secretary at Bank of Uganda, Ms Susan Wasagali Kanyemibwa, said Nyeko gave hope to the hopeless at the Central Bank.

“I stand here to give testimony that I am what I am today partly because of Mr Nyeko,” Ms Kanyemibwa said. 
Ms Kanyemibwa who was appointed designate for 11 months before Mr Nyeko retired, tells of the great memories as Mr. Nyeko’s mentee at Central Bank.  

“I worked under him as a direct report for six years as a director Board Affairs. He supervised and mentored me and threw me in the deep end, saying ‘you will sail,” she said. 
Nyeko is survived by his wife Jolly Nyeko and four children; Ken Olara, Sam Otim, Lois Aber Kwikiriza and Eunice Asiimwe Nyote.