FULL LIST: Police name 39 suspended private security companies

Inspector General of Police Martins Okoth-Ochola. PHOTO/FILE/HANDOUT

What you need to know:

  •  There is concern that the suspension could lead to more than 1,000 job losses.

Police have named the 39 private security companies that were suspended for failing to comply with the standards set by the regulator.

They include Alert Guards & Security Systems Ltd, Premier Security System Ltd, Field Bureau Investigators Ltd, Delta Force Protection Services Ltd and Gideon’s Men.

Majority of the suspended firms this newspaper contacted yesterday declined to comment while the rest couldn’t be reached on their official addresses. For instance, when this publication contacted Gideon’s Men, which is a member of Tomosi Group and was key in externalisation of guards in Afghanistan during the occupation of Western powers, an administrator said the boss wasn’t available at the moment but would call back later. By press time, the management hadn’t called back.

One of the directors of Premier Security Systems Ltd management said he couldn’t comment but would reach out to his colleague responsible for the day-to-day running of the company to talk to us.

“It would be better for me to meet and talk to you physically,” the gentleman who received the call said.

We were unable to reach Alert Guards, which was one of the biggest private security firms in the country, since their official contacts were switched off.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martins Okoth-Ochola suspended the 39 security firms and ordered his commanders to immediately disarm them.

The chairperson of the Uganda Private Security Association, Mr Grace Matsiko, said the job losses due to the suspension could be above 1,000.

Security company         

  • Alpha Guard Security Services
  • Tactical Security Services 
  • Field Bureau Investigators
  • Kwisaph Security Ltd
  • Crack Security Ltd
  • Blue Water Guards Security Services Ltd
  • Byakuno Security Services 
  • Blue Fox Guards
  • Solid security services ltd
  • Al-thuraya Consultancy Ltd
  • Taifa Security (u) Ltd
  • United Heroes Ltd
  • Aza Security Co. Ltd
  • Axis Warriors Ltd
  • Buka Security Services Ltd0
  • Wink Worth Investigators and Detective Agency Ltd
  • Christian Guards Security Services Ltd
  • Executive Services International Ltd
  • Reserve Protection Services
  • Iris Security Company Ltd
  • Sharp Security Co. Ltd
  • Strat Corps Security Ltd
  • Tebe Security Group Ltd
  • Zebra Security Co. Ltd
  • Kbj Guards Co. Ltd
  • The Gideon’s Men
  • Rangers Security Ltd
  • Elga Force Security Ltd
  • Anka Security Services Ltd
  • Ndugari Security Services Ltd
  • Hercules Support
  • Krone (U) Ltd
  • Trust Security Company Ltd
  • Star React Security Guards 
  • Delta Force Protection Services Ltd
  • Premier Security System Ltd
  • Alert Guards & Security Systems Ltd
  • Tracker (U) Ltd