Gang disguised as NWSC staff breaks into house, flees with Shs100m

This screengrab from a CCTV footage handout shows men who dressed in NWSC attire, strangled and robbed a Chinese chef (in white & green attire) in Kampala . 

What you need to know:

  • The suspects tied their victims, a Chinese chef and a maid, with ropes before robbing them of more than Shs100m last week.

Police are yet to identify three men, who disguised as National Water Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) workers and attacked two people at a residence in Kyambogo, Nakawa Division, Kampala.

The suspects tied their victims, a Chinese chef and a maid, with ropes before robbing them of more than Shs100m last week.

The deputy  police spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan,  Mr Luke Owoyesigyire, said a woman helped the trio carry out the robbery.

“We have obtained CCTV footage at the resident and surrounding areas. We shall be able to locate the suspects and also recover the stolen money,” Mr Owoyesigyire said yesterday.

The three men, wearing helmets and masks, pretended to be workers of NWSC who wanted to check on the water system. 
The Chinese cook gave them access to the residence, which is the home of several Chinese nationals.

The suspects later tied their victims in a room and stole the money kept in another room before they fled. 

Police were later called in and found the victims still tied up.
Mr Samuel Apedel, the spokesperson of NWSC, said they are aware of the unfortunate incident, adding that police are investigating the matter.

NWSC response
“I want to assure our clients that our workers carry identity cards and their overall have unique serial numbers. In case you are not sure of our worker, call our toll free number 0800200977 or 0900300977,” Mr Apedel said.
Incidents in which criminals disguise as utility providers had reduced after a string of arrests two year ago.

Gangs have continued attacking foreigners, especially those from Asia that carry or keep large sums of money.

Three years ago, President Museveni ordered the deployment of soldiers at factories and businesses owned by foreigners after spate of attacks on them.
The criminals have now turned to waylaying them on the way or raiding their homes.

According to police, the criminals riding boda boda motorcycles track their victims as they carry money from or to the bank. They then pounce on their victims before robbing them.

Mr Owoyesigyire said the business community have always been advised not to keep large sums of the money at their homes.

“It is better to keep large sums of money in the bank. Police urges members of the business community who want to transport large sums of money to either use private security firms or seek police help,” he said.

Checking genuine NWSC staff

NWSC workers carry identity cards and their overalls have unique serial numbers. Staff must introduce themselves to the clients first and also show their identification before accessing the premises.

The bill presented has a contact of customer relations officer. If you are in doubt, call the number to establish details of the metre reader.
You can call a toll free numbers 0800200977 or 0900300977.