Gen Muntu blocked from campaigning in Entebbe

Tuesday December 01 2020

The ANT party presidential candidate, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu (centre), with supporters at Katabi Playgrounds on Monday. Gen Muntu was blocked by the security forces from accessing Entebbe Municipality PHOTO/ PAUL ADUDE

By Paul Adude

 Paul Adude 

A joint security team comprising the Uganda police and Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) on Monday blocked the planned campaigns of the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party presidential candidate, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, in Entebbe municipality in Wakiso District.

Mr Muntu, who condemned the security forces actions, said Mr Museveni’s regime is afraid of the people which is a sign of a looming problem in the country.

“How can a government fear people who are standing against it to reach out to their supporters. It shows there is an internal threat they sense but that is not a problem. When the time for change comes, no matter what you do on earth, change will happen,” he said.

Mr Muntu made the remarks while talking to his supporters at Katabi football playgrounds in Entebbe Municipality amid tight security before advancing to other areas in Wakiso District.

“We hope that those who are still in government have some soberness left in them that the transfer of power will be peaceful. The argument is not in the change of power, but rather how it is going to happen,” he said.


Mr Muntu said they hope that when President Museveni finally realises he is stuck against the wall he will peacefully transfer power to another leader.

Mr Wilberforce Sseryazi, the Entebbe Municipality ANT flag bearer, said they had planned some stop-overs in Nakiwogo and Kigungu landing sites, and Kitooro trading centre all located in Entebbe to meet their supporters but were disrupted by security forces.

“The security operatives ordered us to turn around at Katabi Town Council and go to other areas in Wakiso District. People should know that the 2021 elections are important to us as they are going to be the last ones in which President Museveni contest,” he said.

He added: “We know African countries are very weak. If a dictator leaves power when those in leadership are not prepared, the countries usually falls into conflicts. We are foreseeing a change in power from a president who has ruled us for almost 40 years. We as ANT need leaders who understand Ugandan’s and will unite them,” he said.
This newspaper’s efforts to reach the police for a comment were futile.