Get enough rest to avoid running mad, health workers told

Nurses march in commemoration of the International Nurses Day in Jinja City on May 25, 2022. PHOTO/DENIS EDEMA

What you need to know:

  • An official from the ministry of health urged nurses to “aggressively lobby for their massive rights.”

Health workers have been advised to rest after work to avoid running mad.

Jinja Regional Referral Hospital Acting Director Dr Angela Namala expressed worry over the plight of the health workers who endure stressful conditions.

“That is why some health workers are running mad. The population believes they are drunkards and addicts, but it's because of stress from the workplace,” Dr Namala said.

According to her, some medical workers are on the verge of running mad due to insufficient rest and deprivation of socialization time with family and friends.  

“Your health is very important, so try as much as possible to know your (health) conditions,” Dr Namala said on Wednesday at an event to mark the International Nurses Day.

She also tasked nurses on routine medical reviews as opposed to only dealing with patient diagnostics.

An official from the ministry of health urged nurses to “aggressively lobby for their massive rights.”

“Nurses are the backbone of any health system in the world,” Ms Angela Ilakut, the Assistant commissioner in-charge of Butabika Referral Hospital who represented the commissioner Health Services, Nursing and Midwifery at the Ministry of Health, Sr Beatrice Amuge, said

The Busoga Sub-region's coordinator of Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union, Mr Michael Mugabo, called out government to pronounce its position on a landmark agreement signed in 2018 permitting increment of the health workers' salary.

“Come July this year, we should have the figures reflected in individual accounts,” Mr Mugabo said.