Govt schools deserted as teachers stay away

Children play in the compound of Nombe Primary School in Ntoroko District on June 24, 2022 . The school closed due to the ongoing strike of Arts teachers. PHOTO/ALEX ASHABA. 

What you need to know:

  • Some parents’ are now taking advantage of the teachers’ strike to use their children in the fields and other domestic work at home.

Hundreds of schools across the country have turned into ghost-like premises as Arts teachers’ under their umbrella Uganda National Teachers Union (Unatu) continue to carry on with their industrial action in pursuit of salary increment.

Across Teso Sub-region, several schools remain closed both in the urban and rural areas, with parents’ now taking advantage of the teachers’ strike to use their children in the fields and other domestic work at home.

Mr Stephen Olinga, the Kapelebyong District Inspector of Schools, said as a district, they have appealed to head teachers to keep the schools open for learners to learn on their own, equally warning parents to allow the learners access the schools for their own personal discussions as the government engages the striking teachers. 

“The teachers can carry on with their strike, but we need the schools to remain open,” he said.
In Tororo, frustrated district authorities have resorted to deploying scouts to take stock of all teachers who are not willing to go back to teach.

The chief administrative officer, Mr Dunstan Balaba, said the action is a reinforcement of the earlier directive issued by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service directing all government employed teachers to resume duty. 

In Bududa, Ms Eva Khainza, a teacher at Bukhatelema Primary School, said they will not go back to class until their issue is resolved. 

“We have waited for a long time. The government should commit to our issues of salary increment before we go back to class,” she said.

Mr Robert Buyela, a teacher at Bunabumali Primary School in Bududa District, said government threats will not work. 

“The situation doesn’t call for threats. If they want, let them lay us off,” he said.

Some of the schools Monitor visited in Ntoroko District, that have remained completely closed include Karugutu, Ibanda, Kasozi SDA, Nombe, Nyabusokoma, Kyamutema, Rwamabale, Umoja, Rwangara, Kachwakumu, Rwenyena, Kamuga and Itojo primary schools.

Mpigi UMEA Primary School in Mpigi District deserted on June 28, 2022. PHOTO/BRIAN K KESIIME. 

Meanwhile in Karamoja Sub-region, pupils only walk to school to get their breakfast of porridge and lunch served at schools under the World Food Programme, then they later go back to their homes.

Some of the closed schools

School and district
Umoja P/S     Ntoroko
Rwangara P/S    Ntoroko
Kachwakumu P/S    Ntoroko
Itojo P/S    Ntoroko
Rwamabale P/S    Ntoroko
Karugutu P/S    Ntoroko
Nyakitokoli P/S    Kabarole
Nyabusokoma P/S    Ntoroko
Apa P/S    Koboko
Gbukutu Islamic P/S    Koboko
Arikpa P/S    Zombo
Mvugy Upper P/S    Zombo
Nyabikoni P/S    Kabale
Murambo P/S    Rubanda
Makanga P/S    Kabale
Kijuguta P/S    Kabale
St Kizito P/S    Mpigi
St. Michael P/SMembe    Mpigi
Umea P/S    Mpigi
St. Bruno P/S    Mpigi
Bugayi  Foundation School    Mpigi
Kibuuka Memorial P/S    Mpigi
Besania P/S    Mpigi
Bulondo P/S    Buvuma
Bukaali P/S    Buvuma
Buwanzi P/S    Buvuma
Kirongo P/S    Buvuma
Mawanga P/S    Buvuma
St. Francis Bubanzi P/S    Buvuma
Namunyoro P/S    Buvuma
St. Mary's Matongwe P/S    Buikwe
St. Peters Betaniya P/S    Buikwe
Nkomoe P/S    Buikwe
Bamusuuta Cou P/S    Kiboga
Kiboga Das P/S    Kiboga
Kiboga  Islamic P/S    Kiboga
St. Andrew Primary  School    Kiboga
St. Mary's Kasega P/S    Kiboga
St. Charles Lwanga P/S,Kibiga    Kiboga
Katoma P/S    Kiboga
St. Benadetta Bukomero    Kiboga
Budimbo P/S    Kiboga
Kambugu Cou P/S    Kiboga
Kamirampango P/S    Kiboga
Kibiba P/S    Kiboga
Kabale P/S    Kiboga
Kisuteka P/S    Kiboga
Kyekumbya Das P/S    Kiboga
St. Paul Kyekumbya P/S    Kiboga
Kayunga P/S    Kiboga
Kateera Bikura P/S    Kiboga
Bukomero Junior School    Kiboga
Kirinda P/S    Kiboga
Mbaliga Umea P/S    Mityana
Naama R/C P/S    Mityana
Naama Das P/S    Mityana
St. Noah P/S    Mityana
Kawolongojjo P/S    Mityana
Kalangalo Cou P/S    Mityana
St Joseph P/S,Kiyimbwe    Masaka
Odudui P/S    Soroti
Akaikai P/S    Soroti
Arapai P/S    Soroti
Aloet P/S    Soroti
Tubur P/S    Soroti
Tukum P/S    Soroti
Mbarara United Pentecostal P/S    Mbarara
Nyamifura P/S    Rukungiri
Kashoroza P/S    Rukungiri
Kahoko P/S    Rukungiri
Rukungiri P/S    Rukungiri
Katojo P/S    Rukungiri
Gweri P/S    Soroti
Asuret P/S    Soroti
Awoja P/S    Soroti
Apalaet Ptimary School    Soroti
Angai P/S    Soroti
Nakatunya P/S    Soroti
Swhairia P/S    Soroti
Pamba P/S    Soroti
Akisim P/S    Soroti
Fr Hilders P/S    Soroti
Majengo P/S    Soroti
Omugenya P/S    Soroti  
Atiira P/S    Serere
Olio P/S    Serere
Kateta P/S    Serere
Kyere P/S    Serere
Ocapa P/S    Serere
Abuket P/S    Serere
Kagwara P/S    Serere
Bugondo P/S    Serere
Mulondo P/S    Serere
Aturukuku P/S    Tororo
Buyemba P/S    Tororo
Segere P/S    Tororo
Magodes P/S    Tororo
Sere P/S    Tororo
Kiyeyi P/S    Tororo
Kashasha P/S    Rubanda
Kinyarushengye P/S    Rubanda
Mugyera P/S    Rubanda
Hakahumiro P/S    Rubanda
Kifuka P/S    Rubanda
Buniga P/S    Rubanda
Kisizi P/S    Rubanda
Katiba P/S    Rubanda
Kishanje P/S    Rubanda
Kacerere P/S    Rubanda
Mukitojo P/S    Rubanda
Ikamiro P/S    Rubanda
Kaara P/S    Rubanda
Kivunga P/S    Rubanda
Kiruruma P/S    Rubanda
Mukibaya P/S    Rubanda
Iyamurior P/S    Rubanda
Namasuba Parents Sch    Wakiso
Mulago Community Nursery & P/S    Kampala