Health experts warn of likely dangers of inoculating children against Covid

As government plans to start the vaccination of children aged 12 to 17, health experts world over, have come out to warn of the likely dangers that could come along with the exercise

As government plans to start the vaccination of children aged 12 to 17, health experts world over, have come out to warn of the likely dangers that could come along with the exercise.

Dr Immaculate Ampire, the assistant programmes manager, Uganda National Expanded Programme on Immunisation, while speaking at the launch of phase II vaccination in Kasanda District, revealed that the vaccination exercise of the children could start in August this year.

She said the vaccination exercise will start using approved vaccine by World Health Organisation.

Dr Robert Malone, a US virologist and immunologist, cautions on the likely dangers that may arise from inoculating children against Covid-19.

He warns that once the damage has been caused by the vaccines, they are irreversible.

“Before you inject your child, a decision that is irreversible, there are three main issues that parents need to know before they take this irrevocable decision. The first is that the viral gene will be injected into the parent cells, this gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins, these proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs like the brain and nervous system, the heart and blood vessels, the reproductive system, and most importantly, these vaccines can trigger fundamental changes in their immune system,” Dr Malone cautions parents.

Adding: “The most alarming point about this is that once the damages have occurred, they are irreparable, they cannot be reversed, you cannot repair illusions in the brains, you cannot repair heart tissues, you cannot repair genetically reset immune system. This vaccine can cause reproductive damage and can affect future generation of your family,” he added.

He also warns that since the vaccination doses against Covid-19 are new given that the disease is also new, the effectiveness of the doses need to be qualified after like five years.

“This noble technology has not been tested. It needs at least five years before we can really understand the risks associated with this technology. The harms and risks become revealed many years later,” he further warned.

“I ask you to ask you as a fellow parent, do you want your child to be part of the most radical experiment of history. There is no benefit of your family vaccinating your children against very small risks of the virus given the known risks of the virus. As a parent, a grand parent, i urge you to resist against vaccination of your children.” He further cautioned parents.

Likewise, Dr Renee Hoenderkamp, said she’s against vaccinating health children against Covid-19 given that the disease presents a less risk to children.

“The risk benefit analysis just isn’t there to justify vaccinating our children with a vaccine that we do not have any long-term data for, so we don’t know what the risks are for our children long term since Covid-19 is not a major threat to them,” Dr Renee states.

“What is the point of taking them. We know that there is a risk of myocarditis which is the inflammation of the heart and we don’t know what the long-term effects and ramifications will be for some children.” She further warns.

According to the CDC, children stand almost 100 percent chances to survive Covid-19 as the survival rate for children between 0-19 years, is 99.997 percent.

The survival rates for other age brackets are; 20-49 years- 99.99.98 percent, 50-69 years – 99.5 percent and those above 70 years, their survival rate stands at 94.6 percent.


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