Mr Richard Tumwine, a teacher in Kanungu, whose fiancee rejected claiming that he was of old age. PHOTO/ ROBERT RUHEREZA


I still believe in love, says man court awarded Shs10m over heartbreak

What you need to know:

  • Richard Tumwine says still believes in love, even after suffering a heartbreak.

The man who won a breach of promise to marry case he filed at the chief magistrate’s court in Kanungu District says he wanted his fiancée to complete her studies before tying the knot.
Mr Richard Tumwine said he fell in love with Ms Fortunate Kyarikunda while he was teaching at Kiringa Primary School in Kanungu in 2015. Ms Kyarikunda was doing her school practice, and by the time she attained her grade III certificate in teacher education, the pair had entered a ‘promise to marry’ agreement in 2018. 

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Mr Tumwine revealed that when Ms Kyarikunda wanted to pursue a diploma in law at the Law Development Centre in Kampala, she asked him to pay all fees that totaled Shs9.43 million. Mr Tumwine had cleared the fees. 

“I wanted her to complete her studies so that I can marry a well-educated wife that will not be dependent on me,” he said yesterday a telephone interview.
Mr Tumwine said all was set for the two to commence introduction marriage ceremonies. The introduction ceremony was slated to take place in February of 2022, but Ms Kyarikunda opted out citing Mr Tumwine’s age.
“When she disappointed me, I did not take the law in my hands because I knew the repercussions,” Mr Tumwine said.

After she told him she would not marry him, Mr Tumwine said he engaged Ms Kyarikunda’s grandfather in a mediation process. He “also engaged the local leaders, the police, relatives and friends … but no positive result was attained.”
“I was advised by my friends to file a civil case in the Kanungu chief magistrate’s court which I did on July 1 … and the case was registered as No.24 of 2022. I was happy when the court last week ruled in my favor,” Mr Tumwine said.

Mr Asanasio Mukobi, the Kanungu grade one magistrate, last week ordered Ms Kyarikunda to refund Shs9.43 million that Mr Tumwine spent on her tuition. The magistrate also awarded Mr Tumwine Shs1 million as general damages for inconveniences and psychological anguish.
Mr Tumwine, currently a teacher at Kishororo Primary School in Kanungu District, told this publication that Ms Kyarikunda, now a law enforcement officer in Rubanda District, was his first love.

“I pray to God to give me a suitable and well-educated woman that I can marry,” the born again Christian said.
 He added: “I began special day and night prayers so that God can get me the wife of my dreams.”
Mr Tumwine said that he will use the costs awarded to him to spruce up his house as he prepares for the next chapter in his life.
 We are still pursuing Ms Kyarikunda for her side of the story.