IGG Kamya to probe Entebbe Airport extortion claims

Inspector General of Government Beti Kamya addresses the media at her office in Kampala yesterday. PHOTO/PETER SSERUGO.

What you need to know:

  • The IGG says the war against corruption cannot be won through boardroom discussions by government officials.

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) has lauded members of the public who came out to expose the alleged fraud at Entebbe International Airport, saying the shared information will be key in the investigations that the inspectorate is yet to carry out on the matter.

Speaking to the press at her office in Kampala yesterday, Ms Beti Kamya said the war against corruption cannot be won through boardroom discussions by government officials. She called upon the general public to continue exposing all elements of corruption, especially in the government ministries, departments and agencies. 

Ms Kamya also said her office had taken note of the alleged corruption activities at the airport and hence the planned investigation. 

“As the IGG, I want to applaud the [ordinary] citizens of Uganda, who have come out to expose the extortion at the airport. These are our heroes because they are not politicians, religious leaders or government officials, but local Ugandans who have come out to say enough is enough to corruption,” Ms Kamya said.

She added: “This should not stop at the airport, let us extend it to all sectors. Whoever asks for a bribe from you, come out and make an alarm to us, take a photo of any corrupt official you come across so that we deal with them accordingly,” she added.

Last week, social media platforms, especially Twitter and TikTok, were awash with videos of several Ugandans complaining about cases of extortions travellers who use the airport are subjected to. 

Following the outcry, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) came out and suspended some of their employees pending investigations into the allegations.

The IGG said this is not the first time the inspectorate is investigating UCCA staff. Ms Kamya said they have investigated at least 21 cases of corruption in the authority in the last five years. 

She said people found guilty of corruption should not only lose their jobs but also be charged and their property confiscated.

“It should be clear that whoever is found culpable of corruption or acquiring of wealth in any illicit way shall be prosecuted according to the Illicit Acquisition of Wealth Act or the Money Laundering Act,” she said.