Karamagi family seeks fresh probe into his murder

Jose Chameleone. File Photo

What you need to know:

  • Karamagi was allegedly burnt at the home of renowned local artiste Joseph Mayanja, alias Jose Chameleone, 11 years ago.

After years without justice, the family of the late Robert Karamagi has, for the third time, petitioned the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) seeking to reopen his murder case.

Karamagi was allegedly burnt at the home of renowned local artiste Joseph Mayanja, alias Jose Chameleone, 11 years ago.

Maj Benedicto Kyamanywa, the father of the deceased, through his lawyers of Nalukoola Advocates and Solicitors, and Ochieng Associated Advocates and Solicitors, petitioned the DPP demanding the reopening of his son’s case.

In a letter dated April 27, the lawyers note that they have on several occasions written to the office of the DPP in respect of the case.

The lawyers further stress that over half a decade ago, the DPP’s predecessors promised to have the matter investigated afresh and assured members of the public to handle the same to its logical conclusion.

“He [DPP] pledged to allow the father of the deceased an opportunity to give police further evidence for consideration and have the file sanctioned,” the letter reads in part.

“The purpose of this letter, therefore, is to invite your good office to consider reopening the file, invite, among others, our client to give information regarding investigations and reconstruction of the scene of crime, which will culminate into justice for our client’s late son,” the letter further reads.

In 2015, then DPP, now Supreme Court judge Mike Chibita ordered the police to reopen the murder case file of Karamagi following the storming of his office in Kampala by Maj Kyamanywa, who was demanding to know why his son’s file was closed without apprehending the suspects.

Justice Chibita notified the aggrieved family that the file had been closed some time in 2014 as there was no sufficient evidence to have the file sanctioned in court. However, the DPP had agreed that the deceased’s father gets in touch with the police and gives them fresh evidence for consideration and see if the same file can be sanctioned.

On November 30, 2016, the aggrieved family again, through their lawyers, wrote to the DPP complaining about the mishandling of the murder case of their son which was reported at Katwe Police Station. 

On January 10, 2017, the same lawyers requested the DPP to allow them join the team investigating the case in issue and in preparation for the same for prosecution or in alternative to allow their client to engage private investigators and institute private proceedings.

Karamaji death

The deceased was allegedly burnt on Boxing Day of 2012 at the home of singer Jose Chameleone located on Entebbe Road in Seguku, Wakiso District. The circumstances surrounding Karamagi’s death remains mysterious to date. Chameleone’s wife, Ms Daniella Mayanja, reportedly said the deceased, who had intruded at their residence, burnt himself as he tried to burn her. But his father claims his son confided in him while at Mulago hospital moments before he died how his hands were tied with ropes before being burnt with aviation fuel.