Kibalama unveils ‘new NUP head office', warns Bobi Wine

The National Unity Platform (NUP) founding leader, Mr Moses Nkonge Kibalam (left) and his secretary for information, Mr Gideon Tugume (right) during a press conference as they unveil their new office in Kabowa, Kampala on June 21, 2022. PHOTOS/ ISAAC KASAMANI

What you need to know:

Kibalama accused Bobi Wine's group based in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb of dictatorship and lack of accountability 

Members of the National Unity Platform (NUP) faction under the stewardship of the party’s founding leader, Mr Moses Nkonge Kibalama has unveiled their new party headquarters in Kabowa, Kampala and warned the current leadership based in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb against using the party colors and symbols without authorization.

Mr Kibalama and his group accuse the Kamowkya- based opposition party leadership of lack of transparency, failure to provide accountability, failure to respect and follow the NUP constitution, mismanagement of the party affairs and exhibition of dictatorial management of the party affairs, among others.

“As per the delegates’ conference of NUP held on May 27, 2022, it was resolved that the party finds new headquarters from Kamwokya. In fulfillment of the decision of the delegates, the Central Executive Committee of the party hereby unveils the new party headquarters on June 21. The decision to change the party headquarters was as a result of the resolution to end the relationship between the People Power movement and the NUP leadership,” said the faction’s secretary for information, Mr Gideon Tugume who was flanked by Mr Kibalama as they addressed journalists.

According to him, failure by the Kamwokya-based group led by the former presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine, to contain indiscipline within the party, suffocation of all avenues of dialogue in the political space of the country and closure of all avenues of creating good working relationship with other political players in the opposition fraternity are some of the justifications for their decision to create new administrative leadership for the party.

“The new administrative leadership of the party as a result of the May 27, 2022 delegates’ conference is now mandated and charged with day-to-day running of the party activities both here and outside the country. NUP therefore, issues a strong warning to whoever will be found using party colours, symbols stamps and any other party materials without permission from the party leadership, as such will attract very punitive penalties. All authorities are here by informed to disregard Kamwokya as NUP head offices,” Mr Tugume added.

He further said their roadmap for the forthcoming women elections was submitted to the electoral commission before encouraging interested members at all levels to participate.
“NUP is already working up to speed to field candidates in all the bye-elections at all levels in all the areas as declared by the electoral commission and very optimistic to win all areas. The head office is now officially open for all the elected members of NUP at all levels, including the MPs to come and formalize their membership to get the blessings of the real bishops of NUP,” he said.

Mr Tugume displays a certificate of registration for NUP during a press conference as they unveiled their new party head quarters in Kabowa on June 21, 2022

However, NUP spokesperson, Mr Joel Ssenyonyi has dismissed Mr Kibalama's group as masqueraders.
 "Previously, the same people told court that the state had coached them to tell lies against the legitimate leadership of NUP. It is clear the State continues to use them in the hope that they will undermine the leadership of NUP and throw the party in disarray," he said.

According to him, such attempts are futile and will not derail them.
"We call on the public to treat these masqueraders with the contempt they deserve. We also send a stern warning to these masqueraders, the full wrath of the law will be unleashed on them over their fraudulent tendencies," added the Nakawa West MP.