Mao launches five-pronged presidential manifesto

Tuesday December 01 2020
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Democratic Party Presidential candidate Mr Nobert Mao (left) and party members launching the party manifesto at Kakindu Stadium in Jinja City on Monday. PHOTO/DENIS EDEMA

By Denis Edema

The Democratic Party has launched its presidential candidate manifesto in Jinja City with a limited number of invited party members due to Covid-19 protocols.

The function, that took place at Kakindu Stadium without any police interference, was broadcast live on some local radio stations.

The party's candidate, Mr Nobert Mao, said the party has one of the 'best manifestos' among other parties, necessary to solve the challenges Uganda is facing.

“We cannot change the past no matter how much you blame Obote and Amin; there is nothing you can do about the past but we can redesign the future. I know manifesto launches are routine activity by every political party, but as for DP, it is an effort to address issues,” Mr Mao said.

He added that there are political parties in Uganda who, if their top leader died today, they would not have a leader tomorrow.

“There is no leader who can lead this country alone but will be required to work with other people, so forget about 'pakalast' (immortality). The only pakalast is God,” he said.


The manifesto, he said, focuses on five pillars namely a new consensus for Luwero, shared prosperity, ending corruption, reconciling Ugandans and servant leadership.

According to Mr Mao, there is need to change the culture of leadership because President Museveni once said he is not anybody's servant.

In attendance were top party leaders at national, youths and regional levels, and the national Party Chairman, Dr Kiwanuka Ssempala Mayambala among others.