Military, police to crack down on errant motorists 

Traffic police spokesperson Faridah Nampiima addresses journalists at the police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala, on August 29, 2022. PHOTO | FRANK BAGUMA

What you need to know:

  • Many drivers of security vehicles have been putting their uniforms on the vehicle seats to intimidate road users and law enforcement officers. 

The Traffic and Military police are working jointly to crack down on motorists, especially those from government institutions, who have been breaking traffic regulations with impunity.

The spokesperson of the Directorate of Traffic Police and Road Safety, Faridah Nampiima, said the military police would join them in the operations against errant motorists.

“The directorate of traffic has started a joint operation consisting of traffic, Field Force Unit and Military Police to check on the impunity on the roads in the country,” Assistant Superintendent of Police Nampiima said. 

Road users have been bothered by vehicles that break traffic laws. Yesterday, the traffic police officers issued tens of drivers with express penalty scheme tickets to that effect. 

Ms Nampiima said the operation will focus on the peak hours of the day and will target drivers of security agencies and government vehicles. 

“There are those drivers that put military uniforms on their car seats. These vehicles are going to be impounded and handed over to the military police to handle that issue. If you have a habit of putting a military or police jacket on the car seat, remove it with immediate effect,” Ms Nampiima said. 

Many drivers of security vehicles have been putting their uniforms on the vehicle seats to intimidate road users and law enforcement officers. 

Ms Nampiima said they would also target motorists with unauthorised sirens and flash lights.  

“All vehicles with unauthorised sirens and flash lights are going to be impounded and subjected to inspection before fines are issued to the motorists,” she said.

Ms Nampiima said such vehicles have no right of way. 


In January, traffic police Constable Robert Mukebezi was shot by a soldier while responding to a crime scene in Nakawa Division, Kampala City. Constable Mukebezi’s leg was amputated.

The suspect, a Uganda People’s Defence Force soldier, Corporal Bashir Mango Babangida, is said to be on the run. 

In May 2022, armed military personnel grabbed a traffic police officer on Kaggwe Road after accusing him of taking too long without releasing their vehicle during a traffic jam. 

The officers were later charged in the military court and confirmed. They were given sentences such as imprisonment and community service.

In July, another military officer Herbert Kakama attached to Chief of Training and Recruitment, Mbuya, was arrested after he attempted to cock his gun during a scuffle with a traffic officer at Kibuye roundabout. 

It is alleged that the soldier parked a Toyota Harrier in the middle of Kibuye roundabout in Katwe Division, Kampala blocking other motorists but when a traffic officer asked him to remove it, he allegedly refused.  Kakama was charged in the military court.