Nantaba quits MP race on Election eve after supporters arrested

Thursday January 14 2021
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Ms Ida Nantaba , centre, pleads with KAyunga DPC Joshua KAsasira to release his supporters. PHOTO/FRED MUZALE.

By Fred Muzaale

Fracas ensued Wednesday night when security intercepted 15 mini buses (coasters) ferrying what Ms Ida Nantaba one of the candidates vying for the Kayunga District woman MP seat said were her agents during elections.

Ms Nantaba later said she had quit the race citing the arrest of her agents.

“I have quit the race and I have petitioned the EC to halt District Woman MP elections in Kayunga until such issues are sorted,” Ms Nantaba said at her home during a press conference.

Kayunga DPC Joshua Kananura said they were tipped that Ms Nantaba, the incumbent district Woman MP was ferrying supporters from Kampala to Kayunga.

He explained that they mounted road blocks on all roads to Kayunga, and at 11.30pm, coasters carrying about 40 people each, were intercepted at Ntooke village, along Kayunga-Mukono Highway.

Independent candidate- Ms Nantaba who was closely following the motorcade said they were her polling agents from Kampala since she didn’t “trust those from Kayunga.”


She labored in vain to have the vehicles left to proceed as DPC Kananura claimed the strangers were being ferried to the district to destabilize elections.

“We received intelligence information that Ms Nantaba was carrying voters in the wee hours and we had to stop them. It was past curfew time,” he said.

After failing to secure release of the agents, Ms Nantaba accused security operatives of being biased and trying to rig for her opponents.

At around 8a January 14, the DPC allowed the vehicles to be driven to Nantaba’s home in Ndeeba village,Kayunga sub-county, where the former state ICT minister said she had quit the race.

She asked agents to drive back to Kampala.

Kayunga district returning officer Mr Rashid Musinguzi told Daily Monitor that Ms Nantaba had verbally talked about quitting but should have done it in writing.