NMG to extend mentorship programme to all staff

NMG-U managing director Tony Glencross (centre) with the mentors and mentees of the 2022 NMG Staff Mentorship programme during their graduation in Bugolobi, Kampala, last Friday. PHOTO/ STEPHEN OTAGE

What you need to know:

  • The programme attracted 26 staff last year, and this year, 39 have applied to join. 

The Nation Media Group (NMG) has said it is planning to expand the staff mentorship and coaching programme to the rest of the departments to enhance the quality of journalism and productivity of the rest of the employees.

Speaking at the second graduation ceremony on Friday, Mr Tony Glencross, the managing director of NMG-Uganda, said the move will create cross understanding of how each department contributes to the business of the company, as well as enhance and grow staff skills.

“We are focusing on one aspect of the business but there is also another aspect of our business which requires to function very well in order to have room and money for good journalism to flourish. If the programme is working very well here, then it can as well work well there,” he said.

Mr Glencross said it is good for journalists to understand the advertising side of business and the advertising staff to appreciate that journalism is the writing side of the business because this will enhance growth of skills within the organisation.

He added that when someone is mentoring another, the mentor is growing, the company is gaining skills internally, which is good for  both the company and individuals involved, and it is the kind of environment the company wants to establish in its cultural transformation journey.

According to Ms Carol Beyanga, the mentorship training coordinator, the programme, which started mid last year, is meant to help employees realise their full potential.

“The purpose of the programme is to help employees register their full potential by providing them people to walk with, who will help them pick up skills and improve their career journey,” she said.

Ms Beyanga said the programme attracted 26 staff last year, and this year, 39 have applied  to join. 

She said from last year’s cohort, the company is registering enhancement of soft and hard skills among the employees who participated in areas of work--personal life balance, conflict resolution, inter personal communication, adding that it has also instilled the right attitude among writers and editors.