NTC students stranded over academic papers

Cyclists ride past the main gate of National Teachers’ College, Kabale on May 31. PHOTO/ROBERT MUHEREZA

What you need to know:

  • According to the affected students, the Kabale National Teachers College has not yet remitted funds to Kyambogo University to process their academic results.

More than 400 students of Kabale National Teachers College (NTC), who completed studies last year, have not yet received their academic credentials.

The students pursued a two-year course in Secondary Education, and completed in March, but have not graduated.

According to the affected students, the Kabale National Teachers College has not yet remitted funds to Kyambogo University to process their academic results.

The Kabale NTC former guild president, Mr Joshua Kwarisiima, on Monday said he completed his course in March last year but he is unable to secure jobs or even pursue further studies without his documents.

“We request Parliament and the government to intervene in this matter. The government should halt the implementation of the new teacher policy that requires us to possess degrees since we are unable to go to university for upgrading because we do not have papers,” Mr Kwarisima said.

He added: “When I tried to contact the principle of the college, he told me to inquire from Kyambogo University. The university vice chancellor, Prof Eli Katunguka, said Kabale NTC had not remitted funds for the cause of processing academic results.” 

Ms Sharon Ntungire, a Kiswahili teacher, said she joined Kabale NTC in 2019 and had anticipated to complete her studies after two years.

“But due to Covid-19 disruptions, we completed in March 2022 but up to now we have never received our results. We do not know if we have retakes or not, when we asked they told us to wait claiming that Kyambogo University is going through modulation. They keep postponing our graduation,” Ms Ntungire said.

She added: “We just want our results and academic papers because it is now hard for us to get jobs because we do not have documents, we need to upgrade because in 2019 the same ministry put a 10-year limit for us to upgrade for bachelors, that they are phasing out diplomas, how can we upgrade since we do not have our academic documents, our parents are doubting whether we studied or not because they are not seeing us graduating or getting our academic papers.”

Although the principal of National Teachers College Kabale, Ms Annet Komunda, declined to comment on the matter claiming that she was travelling to Kampala on official duty, her deputy, Mr Friday Rwamahe, said the aggrieved students should be patient because plans to handle their grievances were underway. 

“We are aware of the delays although we are not to blame. We are engaging Kyambogo University over the matter since it’s the overall supervisor of our college,” Mr Rwamahe said.

kyambogo response
The acting senior public relations officer at Kyambogo University, Ms Jennifer Sibbo, on Tuesday said the colleges are required to remit registration and examination-related fees to facilitate the process. 

“The matter of delayed approval of results from NTC’s was presented to the university senate that sat on May 24 and it agreed that the colleges submit results for approval. After approval of results the students will graduate in their respective colleges. Releasing academic documents shall be subject to clearing the outstanding balances,” Ms Sibbo said.