Passion embedded in working for Monitor

What you need to know:

  • The Monitor Publication Ltd, publisher of the Daily Monitor newspaper, last month marked its 30th anniversary. In a new series, titled My Time at Monitor, current staff across departments share memories working at a publication that has defined independent journalism in Uganda.

The Monitor Publication Ltd, publisher of the Daily Monitor newspaper, last month marked its 30th anniversary. In a new series, titled My Time at Monitor, current staff across departments share memories working at a publication that has defined independent journalism in Uganda.

Name: Anthony Wesaka

Current Position: Staff reporter

Worked for 14 years

The law

“One of my most impactful stories was about the leaked details on the government bail memo, intended to make it harder to release suspects on bail facing capital offenses like murder. It created a lot of debate in the legal circles, and the broader public domain, forcing President Museveni to leave the Judiciary to draft suitable guidelines on bail. The same guidelines were released on July 27, 2022.

Name: Angella Nampewo

Current Position: Head User Hub

Worked for  8 years

Home of brilliance.

“I joined The Monitor in 2004 as a rookie writer when I was still fresh and young, but what struck me was the newsroom was full of brilliant minds and it was nice being in that space with accomplished reporters. My most memorable times were when I interviewed Justice Julia Ssebutinde and BBC journalist Julian Marshall.’’

Name: Amos Ngwomoya

Current Position: Reporter

Worked for 7 years


“I did an investigative story which showed that the Ministry of Agriculture officials stole Shs9 billion during the Covid-19 lockdown. We exposed it and the Daily Monitor newspaper is supposed to earn Shs490m basing on the Whistle Blowers Act. This is very good for the newspaper and my career growth as a journalist.’’

Name: Abubaker Lubowa

Current Position: Photojournalist

Worked for 10 years

Human rights.

“Most of the Daily Monitor stories I have covered have to do with human rights abuses and violations and the one which won me an award was that of the re-arresting of the Kaweesi murder suspects. When we covered the Tojikwatako campaign in Kasubi, police fired tear gas, I saw a struggling family and i decided to save a life.

Name: Arthur Arnold Wadero

Current Position: Reporter

Worked for 5 years

Content demand.

“Uganda’s journalists walk a difficult journey as they are a highly underpaid workforce and yet quality content is expected of them. While others tried to deliver such content, many quit before making a mark in a space where The Monitor has towered. All my time here has shown that quality work and integrity always win. These are priceless.’’

Name: Alex Baraza Ojuku

Current Position: Press Technician

Worked for 24 years

Salaries in time

“My most memorable event was when the Daily Monitor was closed because of the Candida Lakony story. We had just finished the first set of newspapers and we saw soldiers all over the place. We were not allowed leave the premises until 2:00am. The newspaper sold 36,000 copies and it was closed for between three to four weeks. One thing I appreciate is the legacy the founders set of paying salaries in time; it has remained to date.’’

Name: Gabriel Buule

Current Position: Features writer

Worked for 4 years

Impact journalism.

“There’s always space for quality journalism and I found that at Daily Monitor. In 2019 I represented Daily Monitor in Impact Journalism (Story of change) where my article ‘How Ugandan girls are sold to Oman for domestic work’ was published in 16 newspapers in 16 countries. It is something I remain proud of.’’

Name: Rogers Nachwera Makwasi

Current Position: Planning Officer

Worked for 14 years


“I have worked with NMG-U for 14 years. It was in 2006 when I started as a debt executive and years later became a planning officer. It was exciting for me when I worked with 933 KFM and Dembe FM to improve timely reconciliations and was rewarded with a bonus. I have created so many friends, especially our clients.’’

Name: Lawrence Obbo

Current Position: Debt executive

Worked for 4 years

Team spirit.

“I joined the Monitor Publications Ltd in 2018 as chief debt executive officer, green about the surrounding and operations. It was not easy for me, however with the support I had from my bosses, and finance team along with other departments, I adjusted and found it easy to be positive about my work. This is a place where I can exercise my academic, office work and co-curricular skills (I am the Assistant Captain of the Monitor Lizards football team). It has been an honour to work with this great organisation.’’

Name: Muntu Baker     

Current Position: Business Executive

Worked for 4 years

Training ground

“As a fresh graduate from Makerere University in 2018, doing media adverting sales for the first time was challenging. However, management has been supportive, teaching me that the workplace is a learning institution. With Nation Media Group convergence, I now have exposure doing sales across different platforms of radio, TV and print. What a training ground Nation Media Group is!

Name: Barbra Nalweyiso

Current Position: Reporter

Worked for  5 years

Skill development.

“I am a reporter who is based in Mityana and I have learnt a lot with my time at Daily Monitor, especially improving my writing skills. My breakthrough story was ‘Threats under Lake Wamala’. I cannot explain how happy I was, listening to my first story being aired on many of the country’s radio stations in press reviews. After this publication, some regulations were done on Lake Wamala such as demarcating its buffer zones. All in all, the credit goes to Daily Monitor...’’

Name: Precious Delillah

Current Position: Reporter

Worked for 6 month

Impact story

“I have been here for six months. I wrote a story of a girl who was hit by an army truck. People reached out to her and helped her. That has been one of the best stories I have written."

Name: Joan Salmon

Current Position: Features writer

Worked for 4 years

Drugs story

“A story I did that I believe had impact was that of expiring drugs and drug stock outs in 2018. I think it helped people understand the process through which drugs are transported from National Medical Stores to the final destination and the frustration that pharmacists who are critical in this journey, but are barely employed by government go through. This was the first enterprise story and a big one that launched me into the world of knocking at doors and never giving up despite the disappointments.’’

Continues tomorrow, compiled by Stephen Otage