Rival faction demand Jopadhola king steps down 

Monday November 30 2020

Moses Stephen Kwara Owori, head of Jopadhola Cultural Institution.

By Joseph Omollo

The rivalry within Jopadhola Cultural Institution in Tororo District has worsened after one of the factions demanded that its leader, Kwar Adhola, Moses Stephen Kwara Owori, hands over the throne to the ‘rightful’ king.

The faction led by descendants of the late Majanga Kinara, who is believed to have been the first king from the Nyapolo clan, have also threatened to break away if Mr Owori does not leave the throne.

Mr Justine Majanga, one of the elders, told Daily Monitor last Tuesday that Mr Owori ascended to the throne illegally.

“The current cultural chief is a nephew of the late Majanga and by the provisions of the institution’s constitution, a nephew cannot inherit the throne,” he said.

Mr Majanga said they had raised the matter with relevant authorities, including the Office of the President and the Gender ministry, but they have not received any positive feedback.

“We acknowledge that he (Owori) has helped in revamping the cultural institution but it is time that he steps down and hands over the throne to the rightful person,” he said, adding that if he declines, they will form their own kingdom.


Mr Owori was installed to the thrown in 1999.

However, Mr Josen Obbo, the cultural institution’s prime minister, said they are not threatened, adding that those contesting the leadership are few and have selfish interests.

“Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution is organised and has a binding constitution. It cannot bow to unfounded pressure from disgruntled communities. 

“Tell them to break away if they think that will be the end of this institution,” Mr Obbo said.

He said those claiming to be Majanga’s descendants would have taken over the throne after his death but are now complaining a decade later.