Security guard survives lynching after shooting boda boda cyclist

A video grab showing cyclists gathered at Stabex fuel station in Garuga, Entebbe where a security guard shot a colleague following a scuffle on May 28, 2023.

A private security guard on Sunday survived lynching after he shot and injured a boda boda rider.

Trouble started when Henry Buwembo Kasule and Nickon Ogwang, attached to SGA Private Security Company developed a disagreement at Stabex Petrol Station in Garuga, Entebbe. It is alleged that Kasule, a boda boda rider assaulted Ogwang who was managing the parking at the fuel station.

Ogwang responded by discharging a bullet in the air before he aimed at Kasule. However, Kasule survived with a thigh injury and according to the area police, it is the same bullet that injured Charles Mukooza, who was at the scene.

The shooting attracted other cyclists who turned hostile and started assaulting Ogwang before he was rescued by the police from Entebbe policing division.

ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, said Kasule and Mukooza were provided with medical aid at the scene and later taken to health facilities for further health care.

“The police responded swiftly to the incident, and a team of officers visited the scene. They conducted a thorough investigation at the scene. During the police intervention, the suspect, Ogwang Nickson, was safely evacuated from the hostile mob and is currently in custody at Entebbe Police Station,” ASP Owoyesigyire said. 

Police said Ogwang’s gun has been recovered along with three bullets. Police are currently investigating what prompted Kasule to assault Onwang who was on his duty.

Several incidents of security guards shooting civilians, their colleagues or killing themselves have been reported this month. At least four guards have died either by killing themselves or being killed by their colleagues this month.