Shock as pig eats one-month-old baby in Rakai

Monday July 05 2021

The pig is said to have eaten the baby alive. PHOTO/FILE

By Ambrose Musasizi

Police in Rakai District are investigating circumstances under which a pig is said to have eaten to death a one-month-old baby who was found inside the house of a resident.

The incident happened Saturday morning at Kateera village in Ddwaniro Sub County, Rakai District when the child’s mother, Ms Peace Tukwasibwe aka “Mukyala Jose” left the child in the house and went to her banana plantation for some greens to prepare breakfast.

Mr Abraham Muhangi, a resident in the village said such an incident was never anticipated.

“We are overwhelmed by this incident and there’s no way we can blame the mother. On her way back, the mother found a few remaining body parts of the baby as the pig was sleeping on the very mattress where the baby had been sleeping,” he explained.

Mr Muhangi explained that the pig managed to eat the baby’s head, arms and the stomach before resting on the infant’s mattress.

Kateera village Chairperson Mr Charles Mwanje said the residents resorted to killing the pig and burn it to ashes because no one had intentions of eating it.


“They feared it would even end up eating other children in the village. It was burnt to ashes and the remaining body parts of the baby were buried,” he said.

He advised residents to be cautious with children because a pig can easily do great harm to them.

The pig owner who also doubles as Ms Tukwasibwe’s husband and father to the deceased is a boda-boda cyclist at Ttaba stage in Lwendawula town, Ddwaniro Sub County and he reared the animal for domestic revenue.

The Sub County Chairperson, Mr Tom Mulindwa said Police intervened and all people who keep domestic animals without having permanent places where they stay were to be penalized.

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