Tayebwa tasks MoH on anti-malaria strategy

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mr Thomas Tayebwa and other MPs and government officials pose for a photo during the annual malaria walk on April 20, 2024. 



The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mr Thomas Tayebwa has asked the Ministry of Health to draft a strategy through which the government will embark on a countrywide spraying campaign to wipe out mosquitoes to boost fight against malaria.

In the directive issued at the Parliament on Saturday, Mr Tayebwa tasked the Health Minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng to ensure that her team delivers the strategy detailing the specific approach and amounts required within three months to inform Parliament’s debate on the matter.

“I hope [that] in the next three months you can bring us a strategy that is costed and we put our foot on the ground to provide money to sort out that issue,” Mr Tayebwa said before decrying undefined funds government splashes on containment measures against malaria.

The Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) previously faced resistance from various regions of the country, but Mr Tayebwa is hopeful. 

The Shadow Minister for Health, Dr Timothy Batuwa undertook to mobilise his counterparts to, not only popularize the said strategy.

"We are coming out as politicians first to mobilise the population for general acceptance for these interventions,” he said adding that “we are interested in a community Malaria control approach.”

Dr Aceng promised to press her team to deliver the said strategy as tasked by the Deputy Speaker.

“Re-planning requires that we identify a safe chemical that can be used so that we can carry out the spraying and bring down this burden of Malaria and we stop putting ourselves as number three in the race against donating Malaria,” Dr Aceng said.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) ranks Uganda third on the list of global burdened countries with at least 12 million malaria cases reported annually.