UCU completes devt of sustainable renewable energies curricula

Uganda Christian University (UCU) vice Chancellor Prof Aaron Mushengyezi and Dalila project coordinator MsCipri Katiuscia at the university premises during the weekend. PHOTO/JESICA SABANO

What you need to know:

  • This publication understands that about $117.8 was invested in the project.

Uganda Christian University (UCU) with support from the European Union-EU has completed development of an academic curricula on sustainable renewable energies and green environment.

The Dean School of Business at UCU, Vincent Kisenyi said the project was to develop modules that would be taught to students in the area of sustainable business and renewal energy.

"We believe taking up the use of renewable energy sources would help Uganda to save the environment," he said.

According to him, the East African nation is largely Agricultural and if environmental destruction would destroy culture and livelihoods.

“The three modules were developed by the school of business and the three by the engineering department before approval by the National Council for Higher Education,” the university informed.

This publication understands that about $117.8 was invested in the project.

At UCU, the developed modules include energy and sustainable development, renewable energy and decentralization of electricity, energy financing and modeling, energy efficiency enterprise, business and financial models for renewable energy together with energy efficiency and storage applications.

In Uganda, the project is currently spread across just two universities given that Uganda Martyrs University was considered as a development of undergraduate curricula while UCU is tasked on the post-graduate program. A similar project is currently underway at the University of Dodoma in Tanzania and expected to end in January 2023.

The Dalila Project Coordinator from Sapienza University of Rome in Italy, Prof Katiuscia Cipri said: “The project is intended to increase the capacity to harness renewable energy, build new networks for collaboration with global partners but also bridging the critical skills gap especially among youths.”

The program is developed at time when several forests have been destroyed in Uganda for commercial activities.

UCU Vice Chancellor, Dr Aaron Mushengyezi said the project has initiated courses including a post graduate diploma in sustainable energy.

"It is very important because issues of sustainable business and renewal energy are now at the center of our national planning," Prof Mushengyezi said at the university premises during the weekend.

About Dalila project

The project development started in 2020 under an initiative named after a Swahili word, ‘Dalila’, which means delicate and gentle. It is funded by the Education, Audio-Visual and Culture Executive Agency-EACEA of EU to transfer theory and contemporary practical skills and experiences to renewable energy entrepreneurial opportunities for youths.