UK announces Shs9.3b Ebola response boost to Uganda

The British High Commission in Kampala has announced that the United Kingdom will provide Shs9.3 billion (£2.2m) to international agencies involved in the fight against the Ebola outbreak in Uganda. 
A press release by the commission indicates that the funds will be shared among the World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP) to support Uganda’s response to the current Ebola outbreak.  
 The WHO has been working closely with the Ministry of Health in efforts to manage the outbreak. The body is expected to receive Shs1.6 billion of the package to enhance case investigation and contact tracing at the local level, support laboratory diagnosis, and strengthen coordination of the response.

UNICEF and WFP will each receive Shs3.8 billion for the former to step up community engagement as a measure to prevent transmissions, improve sanitation, while funds to the WFP will be directed to support transport, logistics and storage for the overall UN response, including transportation of medical supplies and PPE, provision of cold chain equipment and supporting the establishment of Ebola Treatment Units.
 The statement further reveals the UK is already supporting the response through deploying experts, with more expected. 
“A UK government expert has deployed to support WHO in Uganda, at their request, with expertise on case management. Others – including from the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team – are expected to deploy imminently. All deployments will be agreed with the Government of Uganda.,” the statement reads
Ms Kate Airey, the British High Commissioner to Uganda, underscored the importance of timely intervention to stem spread of the virus. 

 “The UK is helping the Government of Uganda and its partners in their response, by providing both funding that can help scale up delivery on the ground, and experts who bring experience of previous Ebola outbreaks in other countries. The UK will stand with the Government and people of Uganda in tackling this outbreak.”
 As of October 9, cumulative confirmed cases stand at 48, the Ministry said in a statement Monday. 
Cumulative confirmed deaths have jumped to 19 while cumulative recoveries stand at 54, according to the statement. The country announced the outbreak of the viral disease, with a case-fatality rate for the disease ranges from 25 percent to 90 percent, according to the WHO, on September 29.