Wall fence of widow rescued by prime minister demolished 

The perimeter wall of Ms Getrude Nalule that was allegedly demolished by her neighbour Godfrey Bazaale in Namugoona, a Kampala suburb.  PHOTO | ABUBAKER LUBOWA

Unknown people on Thursday morning demolished a wall fence belonging to a widow, who was recently rescued from prison by the Prime Minister, Ms Robinah Nabbanja.

The Old Kampala Police arrested Mr Godfrey Bazaale, the neighbour of Ms Gertrude Nalule, to assist them with investigations to establish who could have been behind the demolition.

The perimeter wall, which was demolished up to foundation level in Kigobe Zone in Namugoona, a Kampala suburb, separates Mr Bazaale’s storeyed house and Ms Nalule’s two-roomed house.

Speaking to this publication yesterday, Ms Nalule claimed this was not the first time that Mr Bazaale demolished her property to expand the route to his home.

Witnesses claimed men armed with sticks and clubs, bought down Ms Nalule’s wall fence, which was built recently by Ms Nabbanja.

Ms Nalule said: “He started with demolishing my stalls and now the perimeter wall because we refused to sell to him the piece of land where my house is sitting”

How it started

Ms Nalule, a mother of five children, explained that she was on the verge of losing her home to her neighbour, who claims to have bought it in a loan arrangement that allegedly involved deceitful higher repayment.

It is alleged that Mr Bazaale extended several loans to Ms Nalule totaling to Shs7m to grow her business.  However, her business was affected by Covid-19 and she failed to service the loan in time.

Mr Bazaale then petitioned the court, claiming he had entered an agreement with Ms Nalule in which she agreed to sell her plot of land to him at Shs10m.

The court ruled in favour of Mr Bazaale before ordering Ms Nalule to pay him Shs2.8m in damages and costs, which money she failed to pay and she was sent to prison.

It is from here that prime minister learnt of her plight from one of the media programmes at Luzira.

This saw her storm Mengo Court about a fortnight ago and pay the said outstanding balance and Ms Nalule was freed.

On Monday, Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo scoffed at Ms Nabbanja for interfering with the independence of the Judiciary.