Zombo poultry farmers receive automated incubator to boost production

A group member of Med Tego-Ifur in Zombo District feeds chicken on April 15, 2024. PHOTO BY PATRICK OKABA

What you need to know:

  • The project aims to empower the community by promoting self-reliance and financial security.

Poultry farmers in Jupumocho Parish, Paidha Sub-county, Zombo District, have received a significant boost with the donation of a Shs65 million automated egg incubator. The Med-Tego Ifur group, a local farming cooperative, is now well-equipped to increase production and tap into growing market opportunities.

Previously, the group faced challenges in achieving profitability. However, the incubator promises to revolutionise their poultry business. 

The Chairman of Med-Tego Ifur farming group, Mr Micheal Mave, highlighted the growing demand for chicken in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Arua City. With the increased production capacity, the group plans to strategically target these markets.

“We are currently engaged in doing value addition. This will certainly help us increase our market base and earn decently. The group members will be able to pay school fees for their children, pay medical bills, and clothing or even construct permanent houses out of the income generated,” he said on Tuesday in an interview with this publication.

The project aims to empower the community by promoting self-reliance and financial security.
Another member of Med-Tego Ifur group, Mr Inyasio Orochi, said the group managed to secure its own feeds to support poultry production and members would be given chicks on individual plots to manage on their own.
“We are going to give each member five chicks after they have hatched from the incubator. And every member must consider the multiplier effects by keeping an eye on the project with the aim of being self-reliant to bridge the financial gaps in the community,” Orochi said.  
The incubator was donated by the Agency for Community Empowerment (AFCE) with support from OXFAM as an income generating activity to bail the community out of poverty.
According to the District Production Officer Zombo, Mr Walter Kumakech, the incubator will boost income generation and improve breeding which gives direct economic benefits to the farmers.   
He added that the automated egg incubator gives the farmers a technological achievement, showcasing how science and technology can empower communities and foster their economic growth in rural areas.
“In case of power outage, the incubator can seamlessly switch to the grid during power blackouts. An inverter is connected to the battery to ensure 12 hours uninterrupted power supply,” Mr Kumakech said.    
Mr Toni Opio, the project officer AFCE said they are targeting over 1,500 households in Zombo District to be supplied with chicks within a period of one month and farmers will no longer need to go to Kampala to buy chicks since they’re available within the communities.
“Communities need to change their mindset by engaging in life changing enterprises which are profitable,” Opio said.
The Deputy Resident District Commissioner Zombo, Ms Grace Atim, expressed her support for the project: “We need these communities to come out of poverty through poultry farming. It is a profitable business if well managed because of high demand. The abundant market will help this group to thrive.”